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(Student) Silas knew everything about the world of magic ever since the day he was born. Although Silas loved magic, he wasn't quite like the rest of his family. His family was full of rude and uptight people, who hates anyone that's not a pure-blood witch/wizard. Silas on the other hand, was more open minded and didn't care about blood statuses. Silas has never been close to any member of his family and prefers the company of magical creatures. His family was rather disappointed in him when he was sorted into the Gryffindor house and not into Slytherin like most of his family. They also didn't like the fact that his friends at Hogwarts are not all pure-bloods. Silas is known as the "blood traitor" within his family. He wasn't the only "blood traitor" in the family, but he was the center of the families disappointment. They all had high hopes that he would become very high up in the Ministry since he was so smart, but Silas kept his sights on becoming a magizoologist in the future. Now the "favorite" child is Silas' twin brother, Damian. Damian is the spoiled, self centered child, who seemed to have no brains at all. Even though they have their differences, the twins will go to each other if they need anything. Most of the time, they will act like complete strangers to each other. At school, Damian was the loud and annoying one who could barley pass his classes, while Silas was the quiet one who liked to study and only really speak when spoken to.
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