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Hey guys! Have fun here, and I forgot to add in my bio, I'm related to Hermione Granger, from my mum.

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House: Hufflepuff
Patronus: Fox
Illvermorny House: Horned Serpent
Wand: Chestnut Wood with a Phoenix feather core 13 1\4" Hard Flexibility
Pet: Hedgehog, Named French Fry, likes to dress up.
Hair Color: Any, I'm a Metamorphmagus!
Eye Color: Again, Any, I'm a Metamorphmagus!
Animagus Animal: Just like my patronus, but I can change hair color. I'm a fox.
Adopted Reptile In Need For Now: Extremely Valuable Wyvern, his poison glands were taken out.
Strange things about me: I have a healing hand, my left. I also speak prophecies, and predict what's happening or what will happen when I sleep. I also have SUPER weird jumping skills, like, I am the female spiderman. I also have STRANGE NATURE POWERS- and turns out I have demonism in my blood! YAAY!

On the day I went to the door and found my letter, I knew I would be like the people in the books I read. My mother and Father both were devastated, the thought of magic worried them. I know I am a muggle-born, but I know that I can do magic. Once when I was 8, I noticed that my stuffed animals seemed to talk to me, as I wished them so. One day my parents walked in on me and were scared. They shut themselves in their room, talking. We soon moved to England. Now, today, I got my letter. I hope you join me in my journey to be a witch.

Once I got into the school, I was wandering around as a fox and found some people. Zander Nightwing, Rosie Parker, and Catherine. They were having some trouble with Zander. He was dying. Yet my healing hand and Catherine's Crucio saved him. So, I decided to become apart of their group. They are all my friends now.
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