Mika Amihan

2nd year transfer student

Hi! I'm Mika Amihan, a curious ravenclaw trying to understand the magical madness happening around me

  • Joined November 2016
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  • 1st Year
  • United States


Hi! I'm Mika Amihan, a recent transfer from Ilvermorny School for Witchcraft and Wizardry. I'm both a Ravenclaw and a Pukwudgie at Ilvermorny, and proud to be from both houses from both schools. I was first introduced to the wizarding world at age 8 or 9 when I stumbled upon a bunch of old Hogwarts textbooks in the basement of my house, which was surprise to me since I was born to two No-Majs(Muggles). After reading the books in secret, I had asked my parents about it, and realizing that I had the same wizarding abilities as their parents, they sent me to Mahoutokoro, the wizarding school in Japan that started before 11. When I was eleven, I moved to Ilvermorny spending several months there before finally moving to Hogwarts, where I am currently.

In my free time I love writing, birdwatching, and solving riddles. I especially like logic puzzles and am always trying to use science to back the wizarding world. I'm currently working on a theory about the moving stairs at Hogwarts. If you catch me in the hallways at school, you probably will find me running up and down the stairs or pestering professors for answers or running in general away from anybody I happen to irritate. I suppose I have that sort of atmosphere when i'm always asking "obvious" questions on magic.

Basic Info:
Year: 2nd Year
House: Ravenclaw:
Pet: Siamese Cat named Himitsu
Where to find me: The library or sneaking around in places I shouldn't be
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