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It had been a long day at school, and I wanted nothing more than to curl up in bed. I was tired and had been tangled up in school work for a while. That day had been my time to relax. As a Year 6 student who knew nothing of the Wizarding World save for the Harry Potter stories (works of fiction in my eyes at the time), walking home to a Hogwarts letter seemed to be a joke. But after picking it up from my bedside table, examining it, watching the incredulous but confused looks on my parents' faces, I could only conclude one thing -- it had been an elaborate prank set up by someone else.

As I tried to put the letter away somewhere safe -- a joke, maybe, but one I loved -- I heard a distinct sound against the window. An insistent tapping lured me towards an owl, who seemed to want nothing more than for me to look at what was in its beak. Clutched in between its beak was another letter. I gasped -- there was no one outside who could have sent the owl, and my parents both still bore a strange confused look on their faces. After a shocked spell, we decided to check it out.

Three days later, we made our way to a quiet, dingy corner in London. I knocked on the brick wall three times. With a spectacular flourish, the wall fell apart like glitter, and we were in Diagon Aley. From then on, I knew that I would be going to Hogwarts.
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