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I have a sweet nature, but (as my manx cat Patronus shows) I also have a fierce side. I'm a bit of a mother-bear type - or should that be badger? ;) My wand is hornbeam and unicorn hair, 10 and 3/4 inches, surprisingly swishy.
I am a few years out of Grouseo School of Magic. I have always been fascinated by spells - how they work and why, the way wand movements and language work together along with other helpers like runes and so on to create just the sort of spell one needs (or how they don't work). I also have an interest in wandlore - knowing a person's wand-hair and wand-core can give you an interesting starting-point to that person, the same way as a House can (just don't take things too seriously). I like to explore and wander, discovering different spells in history and so on. I really like to know the *why* of things within their context - what was the reason for that particular group of people to invent that spell and why did it spread? (For example.)
I also love magical creatures of all sorts. I also like asking "why" questions about them too. Like - why do crups dislike muggles? Was it bred into them or was it a spell of some sort? Could it be bred out (one would think so) or would a spell need to be removed? I am a foster-carer for various magical creatures.
My passion as a spell-researcher is to find safe ways of mixing magical and muggle technology so that magicals can maintain necessary traditions while moving forward. I am undertaking further study under the supervision of a Mistress SpellCrafter with this as my project. My blood-status is half-blood, which is where the passion comes from. Having muggle tech short out all the time was such a bother, I decided to fix it. I've come to Hogwarts to test some of my theories, after time spent exploring them in Australian places.
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