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Hello. My name is Ella Beaux-Rêves. I am way too into role play, to the point where I need medical attention. I am not evil, I swear.

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Name: Elaina (Ella) Hackersley-Black (Made up the last name Beaux-Rêves for her and her animals
Parents: Elaina (Lainey) Hackersley
Sirius Black (Doesn't figure out who he is until the last moment)
Wand: 13 in with unicorn horn core (Very, very illegal.)
Patronous: Tasmanian Devil
Hair color: Black
Eye color: Silver (Changes when she touches someone, according to the color of their heart, or personality.

Let's start with the boring part. My Mum was a squib, and my Dad was a wizard who left us after I was born. Mum broke, and fell into addiction. To support it, she sold me to a cult of banished Death Eaters, who hoped to regain their honor by finding the Dark Lord a new body. Of course, I escaped, but not until I was thoroughly broken, tormented, and tortured. All I learned through that ordeal was that animals were the only living things that could be trusted, and that the Dark Arts were a horrible, horrible thing to learn. Yet, they had forced me to learn them anyways.
Now that I'm at Hogwarts, however, my perspective has widened. I believed that I could only trust my animal friends, but I've made many human ones. To save me from my mum, my friend's family, the Weasley's, even treat me like their own daughter and invite me over for Holidays. I'm top of my class in Defense Against the Dark Arts, Herbology, Potions, and Care of Magical Creatures. However, I tend to spend most of my time teaching those subjects to my best mates Fred and George, who can't seem to pay attention in class at all. My animals seem to very much like Hogwarts too. My black feathered owl, Sebastian, enjoys playing with Peeves in the corridors. My otter Chester made friends with the squid in the lake, and my cat Bartholomew is practically in love with Professor McGonagall. All in all, Hogwarts was the best thing that ever happened to me. Even if half the school is terrified of me for me being a Dark Arts master...
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