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Two years ago when I gratuated from Hogwart I decided to write. As a pure blood I've always been interested in muggle books. I thought that imagination is the real magic in the world, so I've decided to become a writer. My plans unfortunately had to change. My parents wanted me to find proper job, start living on my own, be an adult. They promised to buy me appartment if I do what they ask for. So I did. I found job where my writing skills are appreciated. Working for the Daily Prophet is quite fullfilling and thrilling job, however sometimes when it comes to politics you have to act against what you thing is right and true. In my free time I started to write my first novel for the magical children called Sleeping Willow. I am living on the Diagon Alley 18a right above the Obscurus Books. I know its quite crowded everyday here, but I love this atmosphere.

My parents both work for the Ministry. My mum, Agnethe, work in the Department of education and my dad, Tobias, is a spell researcher. They met during my mum's last year of Hogwarts (and my dad's 6th). My father was in a Gryffindor, she was in Ravenclaw. They are both the same age, however my father started his education year later( he was ill for spattergroit for six months). I also have one sister, Grace, who is at her second year at Hogwarts. She was sorted into Ravenclaw. Grace is also really good at quidditch, she is a chaser on her house team.
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