Samantha Woods Snape

Gothic Angel, Wizard, Vampire

"Well, it may have escaped your notice, but life isn't fair." ~Severus Snape (RIP, I love you!)

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IF YOU WANT TO RP WITH ME, THIS PART IS IMPORTANT: I only like to RP with someone if they are also willing to play as Severus Snape. You all know him and how he is, if not, watch the movies. I don't care if you play as yourself as well, and yo can add characters too, but please play as snape too.

>>>PLEASE when RPing with me, write in description with good grammar and plenty of details. Use Snape's name in third person, same with his actions, but your oc in either first or third. Thanks<<<<<<
(My (RP): My name is Samantha and I am the daughter of Severus Snape. I love him very much and I always annoy him as any child would.
I am known as the Gothic-Emo Troublemaker who is always in trouble (in rp), but at best, still has her heart secretly. (So, she can be mean and always in trouble, but she is secretly loving and loyal)
---SOME OF THE THINGS THAT MY CHARACTER GETS IN TROUBLE WITH SEVERUS SNAPE FOR IS: Cursing, yelling, back-talking, misbehaving, bullying others, hurting others, cheating or making someone else do her work, breaking stuff, etc. etc.))
I love the cemetery, Charms, DADA, and Potions. I am mean and I am a double agent just like my dad, so I am a death eater.
I have been going to the meetings with my dad to lord Voldemort since I was very little. The Dark Lord has always seen me as a daughter and would always be there for me.
Even though I get punished a lot, Snape will always love me since I'm his blood daughter (rp).
I will always be appropriate in the RPs and will never get dirty or bad))) ----------------------------------------------------------------------
When people RP as Snape for me, I like Snape to call me Sam or Samantha or Samantha Woods Snape. It all depends if I'm in trouble or not.
I only like to RP HP, but if you want to RP something else like Pirates of the Caribbean, Twilight, Hunger Games, Divergent, etc. Let me know and we will see.

-1/4 Blood Prince/princess (Halfblood)
-Death eater like my dad, double agent
-Patronus: Doe
-Piercings and tattoos: Snakebites, several tattoos, dark mark
-Gender: Female
-Hair:(past my butt) long, black, curly, tamed
-Blood: Half Gothic Angel, half wizard (also, Vampire)
-B-day: 2 June, 1998 (irl)
-Zodiac: Gemini
-Eyes: vibrant green
-Wings: Black and grey with specks of white
-Teeth: Super white with fangs
-Species: Gothic Angel, Vampire, Witch
-Age: 19 years old (in real life and RPs)
-Style: Gothic Emo (also rp)
-House: Slytherin, duh.
-RP name: Sam, Samantha
-Fave. Class: Potions, duh! (And DADA)

-This explains and it's quite sad, but sweet-

I don't have a real dad. He died of cancer when I was nine.
Snape is the closest thing I'd ever have to a dad again and I love him.
So, when other people play as him, it's like I have a dad again, even though it's all fantasy.
It's not the same when I play as him though, because then I know exactly how the scene would go. So, it's not the same when I play as him.
So really it's to feel the experience of a dad again.
And Snape is the perfect Father I'd want to have.
It is NOT replacing my real dad, just adding a second. Like how I have two mothers in real life. Those two didn't replace the first, just added on.
That's why.


If I ever go off all of the sudden, I will always return even after a super long time, years even.
"...After all this time?"


Delilah Winter: Sister
Rose Bellfoy: Sister
Tessie: Sister
Sunny: Sister
Jacob: Brother
Timothy Walsh: Brother
Emily Fam: Sister
Hilarious White: Sister
Storm Willowbur: Sister
Emil Braith, Demibrother
Jango Potter, Half brother
Deimos Dragonsong, cousin
Aluto, Pure-Blooded cousin
Emily L, family cat.....meow
Thirsty Fish, weirdo cousin.
Felicia Marie, Sister

Snape: Hush little baby,
Vic: Don't you cry.
Kellin: Don't cut your arms,
Andy: Don't say goodbye.

Snape: Put down that razor,
Vic: Put down the light.
Kellin: It may be hard,
Andy: But you'll win this fight.

Snape: We'll be right here,
Vic: Through thick and thin.
Kellin: Have no fear,
Andy: Have strength within.

Kellin: Please, we're begging you,
Vic: Stay with us.
Snape: We all love you,
Andy: Just don't give up.

((This is the lullaby that I go to when I want to cut. This is what I go to when I want to give up. This is what I go to when I'm depressed.
I may have found the song online, but I changed the characters to people I love and look up to. Especially the lines that Snape says. I gave specific lines for him and they mean a lot to me.
This has gotten me though a lot. Maybe the song will help you too if you have issues with this stuff.))

And yes, I know the difference between reality and fantasy. I just prefer to live in the world of fantasy, because that's where I can be myself, have a dad again (an addition to my real one, not as a replacement), and belong. The Wizarding World may NOT be "real", but it's where I would belong, lol. You all know what I mean. Obviously I belong in the "real world", but I like to be in fantasy and am working to balance the two.

Hey, what's up?

I'm Samantha Woods Snape. Daughter of Severus Snape (He never died in my RPs). I am a Gothic Angel, Vampire, Wizard. I get the Wizard part from Snape and the Fallen Angel-Vampire from my mother, Willow Woods.

I am also a Death Eater, but in the best of ways. I don't go around killing people and I don't hate Hogwarts. In fact, I was actually born in the Hogwarts Cemetery and have lived on campus ever since. I only grew up with my dad though, because Willow died when I was two from the only kind of cancer that can kill an immortal.

I am nineteen years old, but always in trouble with Snape. I am known as the Gothic-Emo, Rebellious-Troublemaker, Introverted Outcast. I am one of the meanest, cunning Slytherins, and I love to cause trouble and I am always in trouble with my dad.

I LOVE TO RP WITH PEOPLE!!!! I was wondering if you wanted to RP with me... also, please read my backstory first. It gives you very important details to my RPs. Also, I don't mind if you RP as your of and anyone else you want, but can you please also play as Snape? See my wall for details on why and how. Any questions, just ask.

Thank you so much!

Samantha Woods Snape



Juliet: Greyish brown tabby cat

Cloudy: White long-fur with spots of grey

Sunny- Orange tabby cat

Dusty- black, grey, and white cat

Midnight and Stormy: Manx kittens, brothers. Midnight is all black and Stormy is a tux

Snow Princess: looks like Cloudy, but had short fur and is very fat.


Snowflake: White shi tux with golden ears and very long fur

Diva and Libby: very small, Long fur, white and black tiny chihuahuas (most adorable)

Marshall: Big as a Mastiff, black and white, not sure the breed

(And that's all I'm going to say for now. I am also putting this in my backstory so you can always see it there too!! And if you have any suggestions in the middle of the day, owl me or it's on my wall! I will repost this everyday. And votes close at 10am)

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