Pho Chellia

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I grew up in a place called New York City where I would go to Broadway shows almost every day. My Aunt, a muggle, knew about magic, because my uncle was a Thunderbird in Ilvermorny, and so was I until we moved to Europe. I live with my Aunt Tilly because my parents, well, my mom was shot when I was about 14 and my dad got cancer but we won't talk about that. Anyway, I was sad when we moved, and I really miss my friends in Thunderbird, but Hufflepuff is amazing and I do love Hogwarts. It's a bit weird, me being American at a British school. I get teased sometimes, but I honestly don't care what they think. My little sister, Josa, is a 2nd year in Hogwarts. She is a Slytherin whom I argued with many times and love anyway. We owned a small bakery in what's like a USA Hogsmeade where we made all kinds of magical treats and always poured flour over each other's heads. I love to explore and travel as well as bake, write, read, all things music basically, everything art, biology, animals, that kind of stuff. My dog, Patch, is the cutest lil puppy in the world, who I very much wish I could've brought to Hogwarts, but that is ok.
Some stuff about me:
Name- Pho Chellia
Sexuality- Pansexual
Parents- Aunt Tilly
Siblings- Little sister, Josa, Slytherin
Personality- Kind, patient, loyal, supporting, fun, creative
Looks- Pale skin, 5'7, long, curly, orange hair, dyed yellow at the ends, surprisingly strong for my small frame, eyes are hazel w/dark edges.
Wears- ripped jeans, band tee, flower crown, floral combat boots, black jacket
Wand- pair wood with a core 10 3/4' unicorn hair core and Quite Bendy Flexibility.
Hobbies- reading, art, building stuff, listening to music
Pet- Patch- dog

"I'd much rather wear flowers in my hair, than diamonds around my neck."
"To be with friends is to be home."
"Moosic is lief"
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