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Hello, I'm Lucy, and I love all kinds of creatures. I'm also one of the chasers on the Ravenclaw Quidditch team. Bloop :)

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Hello my real name is Luceia ( Luc-see-a) Silverstone ( which is not my real last name, but I can't tell you my real last name because then you would hate me). I was born in London, England to a mum ( who I don't know) and a father who everyone hates ( great right). My childhood was not great at all. My dad was very abusive ( not sexual but physical). He would hurt me everyday and if I would talk back he would......., sorry I don't really like talking or remembering about my childhood. Another thing you have to know about my father is that he has done horrible things to many people especially, children. One day, when I was 8 years old he did what he did to so many people, to me. After what he had done to me, I ran away as far as I could. For bascially 3 years I lived on my own. Once, when it was my first time getting used to what my father has done to me, I.......... did something I can never change ( and I don't want to tell you what that is because it scars me to this day). After what I had done, I made me promise myself that I will try to be asleep when it happens, so I don't have to go through the pain. When I was 10 years old and I was trying to find a place to sleep, I remember I saw this boy ( whose was kinda cute) and then all of a sudden he looked at me and tugged on his mum's sweater ( she had orange hair and freckles all over). And she asked me politely if something was wrong. I couldn't say anything, or even look her in the eyes, for I did not want her to find out who I am and or what I have done. So I ran away as far as I could and never looked back. And after that day I told myself I would never look or talk to anyone ever again while I lived out here. Then one day I got a letter that said " To: Luceia ( Lucy) Silverstone From: Hogwarts school of Witchcraft and Wizardry" At this point I am really excited, I read on, " Dear Ms. Silverstone, We are pleased to inform you that you have a place at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry........." After I read this I understood so many things now. I understood what my father could do and why sometimes I would do strange things too. The next day after I got that letter, I got a mysterious bag of galleons ( which I found out later, that it was wizard money). And with the help of the mysterious money, I purchased all the stuff that I needed and even got to purchased a decent broom. Also when I was there I found an egg ( and found out later, of course that it was a dragon egg) and it could only grow up to a foot, so I kept her ( which I found out later on too) and named her Ramania. ( and by the way no knows that I have her). Finally I get to go to Hogwarts and when I get there I find out I am really good at quidditch and become one of the chasers, also I find out I am really good at a lot of subjects at school, and by my surprise I have made quite a lot of friends, even some I could see being my friends for life. Oh yeah, remember that boy I was talking about,( his name by the way is James Potter) well he asked me out and I said no, not until you stop picking on people and pulling pranks. And he did kinda stop, ( but you would have to ask me what happened next). Anyways, really the only thing that is the worse here is with what my father has done to me, that I'm afraid soon that someone will find out. And it has been really hard keeping it from my friends. But I know I have to keep it a secret for my own safety and everyone around me. One more thing, I found out that since the darkness (death eaters, dementors, or anything else you call it) are getting stronger, people say that a prophecy tells of four girls called " The Strongest Ones" are going to defeat all of the darkness in the Wizarding world and in the muggle world. I think I have an idea who it is. If you have any more questions about me or "The Strongest Ones" or anything else, please feel free to ask me. See you in class!
Sincerely, Lucy Silverstone
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