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list of pets-- Blue/green snake: Edna) Red/black snake: Ernie) Baby dragon: lillyth)

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Hi, my names Ximena. But you can calls Xilly. I was born on a island in the middle of the ocean. It's a private island of course that was once owned by my grandmother. Sometimes I get called mermaid or sea dweller because I love spending time in the water. I mean I grew up surrounded by it for pete's sake. Anyways, my parents were both wizards so of course they wanted me to be one. My mother especially wanted me to be one,but she died befor I got the letter from hogwarts. Now I live here and I must say I like it quite a lot. And I'm happy to make and have so many friends. But, I should warn you. I have multiple personality desorter. It tends to happen when I get in,near, or sometimes even touch water. I think it's cause I was on a island all my life with no friends. So sometimes I'm happy other times I can seem angry,but do not worry. I'm fine really. And even in that sad state, I would love to be your friend.

Bad morning peasants. My name is Ximena but you can call me Mena. And no, it's not like men-a it's like meen-a. Get it right. I'm sure you can guess but I'm the other side of Ximena. First off, I don't like you. Secondly, if you're anything but Slythrin and maybe Ravenclaw I don't like you. Thirdly, I don't want to be your "friend" do font bother. Fourth, if you look at me with disgust I don't like you. I'm not around much,but I am around enough to hear if you trash talk me or my house. Slytherin are spurious of all you,so suck it up and deal. Another thing, if and when I come around don't go saying "give back the real Ximena". I am the real Ximena whether you like it or not. At this time I will now take my leave.
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