Ella Goldstein


Wand: Acadia Wood with Unicorn Tail Hair core. 10 ¾", Unyielding.

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I was born into the Goldstein family on the 11th of October. I started as just an ordinary child, growing up in New York as a young witch. I was sent to Ilvermorny to learn magic originally, but I didn't truly like it there as I preferred to read at home on how to charm flowers to turn them to gold rather than learn the properties of Asphodel. Every day I went back filled me with more hatred of the school, and I ended up being kicked out of Ilvermorny. It was all okay, however, as my family was moving to France in the upcoming months anyway. I was sent off to Beauxbatons and met some lovely girls there, I even got to know one a bit better by dating her until... Anyway, I hated the rigorous hours I had to work at Beauxbatons, so I was kicked out of Beauxbatons for "comportement indiscipliné," or unruly behaviour. My family was slightly disappointed, but they told me they'd find me a different school, one that I'd be pleased with. They sent me to Hogwarts and here I am!

Okay, that's not the whole story. Newton Artemis Fido Scamander was placed under a love potion, a very powerful one, and accidentally fell in love with Tina Goldstein's sister, Queenie. The love potion was so powerful it lasted a month, and we believe both Queenie and Newt were under a love potion. I was, er- created during that time, all with Tina away on a trip! I was shipped off in time to "today" using one of the Ministry's time turners before they were destroyed. Tina Goldstein has no idea I exist or that the affair ever happened. In fact, I'm pretty sure the only people who know about this are Queenie, Newt, me, and now you. Please don't tell the ministry, or... I don't even know what would happen to me.
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