Charlie Pendragon


So Maybe I can be a bit eccentric at times, and perhaps I become slightly hypo, so what? I'm me and that's what matters.

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Wand: - 13 3/4 Inches
- English Oak
- Phoenix Tail Feather
House: - Gryffindor
Blood Status: - Half-Blood
Patronus: - Unknown
Pet: None
Quidditch Position: Keeper

Height: - 6 ft
Eye Colour: - Light Brown/Gold
Hair Colour: - Auburn/Brown
Skin: - Tan
Relationship Status: Who isn't Single AF at this point?

I'm a Pendragon, so that supposedly means large responsibility and influence in the wizarding world, it's a little hard however to be of nobility and yet also be half-blood. My mother disappeared around the time You-Know-Who rose to power although most presume she's dead, and my muggle father losing his calm ran away, leaving my sister Syrena and I behind, I was just 1 at the time, so Syrena had to take care of me, until we managed to find our grandparents, I know they hate that I'm not pure blood like my sister, and of course when the time for Hogwarts came around, they expected me like the rest of the family be a given Slytherin, well I wanted no part in it, grandfather was more furious to find out that I hat stalled for so long that I was left undecided for the remainder of the feast and had to go into a separate room while the hat sorted me for hours, really though I think it out me into Gryffindor out of pure irritation to the task of sorting me. I'm glad I'm finally at Hogwarts and given the chance to make friends, but I'm worried that people won't see me as me, but rather just another Pendragon. I don't want to be Pendragon, I just want to be Charlie.
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