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Hey! Call me Rayne. I'm a little busy at the moment because of exams, but I contribute as much as I can. Also I love books A LOT ;)

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My parents didn't tell me I was a witch. They later told me that they had done so to protect me, that they avoided showing me this magical piece of myself because they thought it would be better to wait until Hogwarts recruited me. Little do they know, I realised I was a witch long before I received my letter: I sneaked into my mother's office so many times to stare in fascination at her magical artifacts (moving pictures, strands of unicorn hair, sneaker-scope and more), piecing it together as I found more and more evidence that magic was real. My mother, Athena Ollivander, is a witch, as I discovered at the age of 8 when she carelessly forgot her wand on the kitchen table. She, I discovered, is a wand maker, and quite a famous one too. She's a half blood, a descendant of Garrick Ollivander himself, and had been sorted in Ravenclaw as a Hogwarts student. She has asian roots too, her mother being from South Korea. My father, Evan Librum, is a muggle born wizard, an Auror, although he told me that he had previously been a magizoologist in his younger years. He had been sorted into Gryffindor, though, apparently, the sorting hat had also considered Hufflepuff as an option. His father was from America, and my father often still tells me stories of how he had moved from California to busy London as a 6 year old.
When I finally arrived to Hogwarts, I was one of the first years who trembled at the thought of sorting: my parents had never told me of how students were sorted, exchanging mysterious smiles every time I tried to asked them. In my mind, Gryffindor what obviously the best house, as they seemed to possess the best morals and values. I had spent night and day reading about Godric Griffindor and his great adventures, though Hufflepuff house intrigued me also. Ravenclaw seemed mildly interesting, but my mind was so enthralled by the thought of being a Gryffindor I didn't even pause to consider it. As the hat was plopped on my head, my thoughts of "Gryffindor, PLEASE GRYFFINDOR" made the hat laugh. It told me in cheeky tones that Ravenclaw was much more my kind of house, because I was so obsessed with books and knowledge and learning... we deliberated for quite some time; 4min and 49 seconds to be exact (I also suggested Hufflepuff, but in the end it got its way). After consideration I find that Ravenclaw was indeed the better house for me, and I am thankful that the hat convinced me in the end.
Charms, Tranfiguration and Defense Against the Dark Arts are by far my favorite subjects, although Flying, Arithmancy and Care of Magical Creatures come as close second. Now that I think of it, there's no course I dislike, except perhaps Potions or Divination (one of the most useless subjects in my opinion). I'm surprisingly skilled in potions, even though I dislike it: it turns out my father was excellent as potions. Maybe that's why I manage to get "Outstanding" despite my bitter feelings. My greatest strength in school is my intelligence, imagination and resilience, and perhaps also my determination: those long nights practicing the patronus charm where purely the result of dedication (if truth be told, I consider my corporeal patronus my proudest creation -- it's a Spotted owl). My greatest weakness... oh there are too many. My greatest weakness would be my self-doubt and lack of confidence in myself. Nothing can convince me that I could talk to that pretty girl/boy I've glimpsed in between lessons. I simply think I would never be enough.
Once I finish school, I hope to be a teacher, though my dream would be to be headmistress of Hogwarts. If that doesn't work out, I would love to follow in my mother's footsteps: a renown wandmaker. In my opinion, every single aspect of magic is absolutely enthralling, from magical creatures to the deep history of Hogwarts. Indeed, I think magic is something that must be used wisely and with great care. Its a responsibility and an honour, and shouldn't be thrown around or be used to harm others. All I want is peace in this world, for muggles and wizards to co-exist in harmony, and for me to grow some guts before I end up alone with ten cats. Speaking of pets, I have an owl, Anura. She's a barn owl, and she's extremely patient. I named her Anura (meaning Knowledgeable) because her eyes seem to look right through others, like she knows all their secrets. She's quite indispensable, I wouldn't be able to live without her.
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