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Everything in this bio and on this page is strictly for fictional purpose. Any resemblance to real persons or events is purely coincidental. Pictures included in bio and on page are not mine. Full credit to actual persons in photos.


Hello. My name is Olivia. Gryffindor and PROUD! I absolutely adore quidditch! My best friends are Luna, Hermione, and Ginny. I have been on many adventures in my life and try to make friends with all! I enjoy going to Hogsmeade and having fun by the black lake.
Now for a bit about my past. I am 16 years old and I have had a pretty good life. I was born in May in the year 2001. I was born to Richard and Katie Macdonald. I was born a pureblood since both my mum and pop were magical.
The ancestry in my family is rather interesting. I am part British(pop's side) and part Scottish(mum's side). My mum and pop got married and moved to America and then when my younger siblings and I were born, we moved to Wales.
I have 6 siblings, 5 sisters and 1 brother. The order is...
Eldest: Christina Eloise Macdonald Dec. 12 (1993)

2nd eldest: Beatrice Patrica Macdonald Nov. 29 (1995)

3rd eldest: Priscilla Dalila Macdonald Aug. 22 (1999)

My older twin by 13 minutes: Emma Lilia Macdonald May. 12 (2001)

Me: Olivia Gabby Macdonald May. 12 (2001)

Youngest sister: Rosaline Julia Macdonald March. 1 (2003)

Brother: Gabriel Michael Macdonald Aug. 11 (2004)

Mum: Katie Willow MacDonald

Dad: Richard (Rick) Harold MacDonald

https://preview.ibb.co/kuTzGx/28821863_555604494807372_1712505524_o_1024x1024.jpg" alt="28821863_555604494807372_1712505524_o_1024x1024" border="0">

I had a good childhood up until my grandpoppa announced he was moving back to Scotland. I really missed him, still do in fact! (This happened at age 7.) As I got older I began to practice more complicated spells and potions and I even tried out a broom! I was of course a natural since my pop was a seeker for the Foulmouth Falcons and mum was a keeper for her house team(Ravenclaw). I am currently attending my sixth year at Hogwarts.

Hogwarts House: Gryffindor
Ilvermorny House: Pukwudgie
Wand: Cherry wood, Dragon heartstring core, 13 ¼" in length, Slightly yielding flexibility
Patroness: Adder
Boggart: Death of Loved Ones
Age: 16
Birthday: May 12
Religion: Christian and PROUD!
Notes: doesn't cuss and is absolutely in love with adventuring and band!
Pet: Black owl named Raven and a newt named Scamander
Blood: Pure-blood
Height: 5'9"
Eyes:Greenish outlined and light brown in the center with golden flecks
Hair: Light brown
Skin: Tan and freckled
Relationship Status: Single
Sexuality: Straight

Great Grandmamma(mum's side): Siren
Great Grandpoppa(mum's side): Wizard
Great Grandmamma(pop's side): Merman
Great Grandpoppa(pop's side): Wizard
Grandmamma(mum's side): 1/2 Siren, 1/2 Witch
Grandpoppa(mum's side): Wizard
Grandmamma(pop's side): 1/2 Siren, 1/2 Witch
Grandpoppa(pop's side): Wizard
Mum: 1/2 Siren, 1/2 Witch
Pop: 1/2 Merman, 1/2 Wizard
Pretty much all of my sisters: 1/2 Siren, 1/2 Witch
Grayson: 1/2 Merman, 1/2 Wizard
Me: 1/2 Siren, 1/2 Witch

I transferred to Hogwarts about 3 years ago. My first two years were at Durmstrang. I was personally talked to by Dumbledore himself. I was raised in Scotland so I've got the accent down pat. He told me that he thought it would be a better idea if I started at a different school, so he sent me to Durmstrang. I went there and hated it. I never fit in with any of them. Guess I was too tough for those wimps.
When the Triwizard tournament came around, I was chosen to be a champion. I won the whole ordeal, and Harry was super jealous.
While all of the other Durmstrang girls stayed with the Slytherins, I stayed with the Gryffindors and I INSTANTLY fit in. At the end of the year, Dumbledore pulled me aside and said I could come next year to Hogwarts! I was thrilled! I knew of course I was to be sorted into Gryffindor.
I met George Weasley slightly before the yule ball and he asked me to go. (He was the thing I had to save in the second task!) We became very good friends and hung out a lot over the year. We became the best of friends and are now very very close.
And that's pretty much the story of my transferring.

Well, I've changed a lot recently. Ever since I've come here, I've felt braver. Like a lion. That's probably why I was sorted into Gryffindor instead of Ravenclaw. My brains DO get me far, but my bravery gets me even further. I've faced so many physical and mental challenges that I've been able to overcome. And even though I may not be the prettiest human on earth, I certainly may be the bravest, strongest, wisest, and humble teenager you'll ever meet. Not to brag or anything. Haha. I do enjoy a good laugh once in a while and prank people for fun. It's like a freedom for me. Well, besides reading and drawing. I'm pretty good at art considering a was raised among muggles. I often listen to music from older eras such as the 80's & 60's and truly enjoy a bit of rock. My favorite song would have to be any song by Elvis. Elvis is one of my idols.

I am an ambivert.
I am a seer of the future, animagus, Metamorphmagus, and Shapeshifter. (My animagus is a panther.) Oh and a mind reader too!
I am a musician, artist, and prankster.
I have six siblings!
I am part Siren.
I can make people fall asleep or do what I want through my music.
I play the drums.

Okay, this is my new Backstory! I'm not deleting my other one cuz that took me forever to write lol.

Name: Olivia Macdonald
Age: 16
Hair color: brownish red
Gender: female
Sexuality: straight
Status: single
Height: 5'7
Weight: 120 lbs
Ethnicity: Scottish, American, British
Pretty much everyone that still visits my page xD
Talents: Art & Music

RP/OC Brother to Olivia:

Name: Kellan Michael Macdonald
Age: 17 years old
Gender: male
Relationship Status: single
Hobbies: Football, Art, Music, annoying his sister (his favorite), rugby, and somehow math.
Dislikes: Science, History, onions, Brussels sprouts.
Looks: Red hair, pasty skin, freckles, blue eyes, 6'2, 200 lbs

~RP Characters ~

Maggie Lupin (HP)
Age 16
Tall, thin and lanky build
Straight brown hair, hazel eyes, tan skin, light freckles, and a long scar on her right cheek.
Daughter of Remus Lupin
Likes: chocolate, pranks, friends, reading, schoolwork
Dislikes: Bullies, slackers, fakes, vegetables
Accent: British
Backstory: Working on it ATM
Rose *If you are close to her, she might let you call her Rosie. Also, she doesn't know but her last name is McClain* (Any, just request her.)
Age 16 and a half
Tall, medium weight, muscular build.
Curly reddish hair, light hazel/greenish eyes, tan skin, light freckles, small cheek dimples.
Likes: work, pranks, jokes, food, reading, drawing
Dislikes: serious fights, arguments, deadbeats, rules, and sissies.
(For TMR: She doesn't have a job because they found her in the scorch.)
Accent: Slightly Scottish
Backstory: Working on it ATM
Olivia *Last name is Michaels but she doesn't know* (TMR)
(Basically same as Rose except for slight changes.)
Age 16 or 17
Tall, medium weight, muscular build.
She has curly brown hair and brownish greenish eyes, tan skin, light freckles, small cheek dimples.
Likes: pranks, jokes, food, reading, drawing, circle fights
Dislikes: serious fights, arguments, deadbeats.
She is a track-hoe.
Accent: American or British. Just depends.
Backstory: Working on it ATM
Olivia Macdonald (HP, Any)
Age 16 going on 17
Tall, thin and muscular build
curly brownish blondish hair, hazel eyes, tan skin, light freckles, and deep cheek dimples.
Likes: candy, pranks, friends, reading, art, memes, and music
Dislikes: makeup, slackers, fakes, vegetables, and trolls
Accent: British or whatever fits the rp.
Backstory: Working on it ATM
Cameron Peterson (Any)
Age 16-18 depending on rp
Tall, average weight and muscular build
Short sandy blonde hair, bluish-greenish eyes, tan skin, and a few dimples.
Likes: Candy, Swimming, Hanging out at the beach, Sandals, and Bears
Dislikes: Jerks, Smart-alecks, Fakes, Tofu
Accent: Californian (No stereotyping, she's from California so she has an accent from there.)
Backstory: Working on it ATM

(If you are still reading, then you my friend, deserve a medal. My backstory is boring as heck cuz I'm lazy and unmotivated to figure out how to change colors and add pics and videos. And my identity is a surprise. Hehe. Anyways, if you have read this much then you are also my friend. XD
In all seriousness though, thanks. It means a lot.)

Great songs that I suggest jamming out to

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Some memes and a picture of tea I took lol.

More OCs:

Rosie McClain (Slytherin)
Age: 17
Ethnicity: Irish but grew up in Scotland.
Looks: Short reddish brown hair at chin length; soft green eyes; rosy cheeks; freckles; light, fair skin; tall and thin
Clothes/Appearance: Usually wears a camo jacket and jeans with a graphic tee. Wears low cut converse and hair either down or half up in a top knot. Wears aviator sunglasses pretty much 24/7
Attitude: She can be snarky at times, but also loves her good friends. She's closed off and doesnt open up to new people very easily. She can be loud and sarcastic when you first meet her and probably won't like her, butafter a while, she will warm up to you.
Backstory: When she was 10 years old, both of Rosie's parents got in a car crash and passed away. She was an only child and had no family except a cousin who was 37. She has lived with them since then and doesn't really talk to anyone because of it. She doesn't make friends very easily and is still coping with grief.
Likes: Burritos, Potato chips, Quidditch, Ramen noodles, Hunting, Dancing/hip hop, Playing Guitar, Drawing, Reading and Math.
Dislikes: People who are annoying/start drama, cantaloupe, Talking to new people, Drama in general and Makeup.
Other: don't pretend like you are her best friend the minute you meet her. It takes a while to get to know her.
Face Claim: Ebba Zingmark

Dani Winston (Ravenclaw)
Age: 18
Ethnicity: African American
Looks: Black hair that is shaved on the sides but long on the top; soft medium dark skin; soft brown eyes; medium height; average weight; occasional freckle here or there.
Clothes/Appearance: Usually wears a leather jacket with a light blue camisol and black leggings with combat boots. She has big black framed glasses that cover a lot of her face.
Attitude: She can be witty and have a quick comeback a lot of the time. She is extremely intelligent and can be dry-humorored at times. She has sarcastic jokes that not many people can understand and loves being smart. She can open to people somewhat easily but it still takes about a week of conversing. She tends to use large vocabulary that often goes over peoples' heads. She's also quite a grammar freak and isn't afraid to correct you.
Backstory: Dani's mom and dad raised her to be highly intelligent. They primed her to be a super-genius. They wanted her to go to Harvard and be top of her class. However, when she got her letter to Hogwarts, her parents didn't like it. They sent her off and disowned her. One summer, she came home and showed them how powerful she had become and they instantly regretted what they had done. She left them and decided to permanently live on her own. She bought a house in London and settled down there. She never quite dropped the intelligence that she was raised with. But all she had ever wanted was to be loved by people.
Likes: Reading, Writing, Math, Science, History of Magic, Basically school. She likes Chinese food, soda, and joking around. (She has some seriously good science puns)
Dislikes: Abandonment, Racism, People who are rude and disrespectful, Sports, French Fries and camels.
Other: Dani is a very diverse person. She has gone through a lot of harsh times and punishments and pushes herself a bit too hard for her own good. She needs some friends to help her relax and take time for herself.
Face Claim: Unknown

California (Cali) Nordstrom (Hufflepuff)
Age: 15
Ethnicity: American and half Swedish
Looks: Long, thick, wavy blonde hair, almost white in color; piercing blue eyes; rosy cheeks; porcelain colored skin.
Clothes/Appearance: Wears a yellow and black wooly turtleneck, skinny jeans and long knee-length boots. She wears her hair in one or two braids usually. She is short and thin.
Attitude: Cali likes to meet new people. She is bubbly and outgoing. She likes to tell jokes and be extremely odd at times. She tends to accidentally be a flirt and lead guys on but honestly doesn't mean to. She likes to have fun and party but is extremely careful when it comes to dating.
Backstory: Cali was raised in a small town in Sweden with her mom, dad and sister and brother. They had a pretty good life and nothing seemed to go wrong. However, when she was 9 years old, her mom was diagnosed with leukemia. She passed away a year later and Cali never really got over it. She used a façade to cover up her sadness and tried to get over it by being a bubbly person that many people would like. Not many people know what she's been through and her family is her rock. If she needs anything she goes to them.
Likes: Parties, Music, Hockey, Quidditch, Art, Movies, Food of any kind, Singing, Dancing and Joking around with friends.
Dislikes: Gossip involving her family, People who step on her toes, People with no personality and Turtlenecks.
Other: She likes to pretend to be happy all the time but it's fairly obvious when she isn't. She sometimes struggles with finding herself and her personality but she often does so through singing and playing piano and violin.
Face Claim: Courtney Dickerson

Jacob (Jake) Groff (Slytherin)
Age: 16
Ethnicity: Asian American
Looks: Short straight black hair; soft blue eyes; fair, clear skin; small nose and high cheek bones.
Clothes/Appearance: Usually wears a dress shirt and nice jeans. Dress shoes and a northface jacket. Tall and thin with slightly muscular arms.
Attitude: Cold and mean at first, but nicer after you get to know him. Closed off because of being raised in a judgemental family. He jokes around with his closest mates and othherwise doesn't talk to almost anyone. He is sarcastic and rude to people he first meets and those whom he believes are lower than him.
Backstory: Jacob was raised in a closed off home. His parents raised him to be extemely prejudice and favor purebloods. He is quite funny if he is your friend and likes to poke fun at people. He is actually quite the gentleman if you get on his good side, though that is extremely hard. When he was growing up, his parents wouldn't permit him to celebrate his birthday, any Holliday or even leave the house because they wanted him strictly in contact with only purebloods. They pushed their beliefs down his throat and therefore he doesn't know anything else.
Likes: Korean food, Purebloods, Quidditch, Playing piano, Learning.
Dislikes: Halfbloods or Muggleborns, Dimwits, Muggle transportation, Acidic foods, Meat.
Other: Jacob doesn't typically like people. It takes the right person to get to know him. Otherwise he most likely won't talk to you. Or if he does, he'll make it short.
Face Claim: Ryan Potter

Andrew (Andy) Jenkins (Ravenclaw)
Age: 17 and a half
Ethnicity: Mexican-American
Looks: Tan skin; Brown curly hair; soft brown eyes; Muscly; Chisled jaw.
Clothes/Appearance: Usually wears a sweater with t-shirt underneath, jeans and tennis shoes. Wears glasses and hair sometimes in a manbun. Tall and average weight.
Attitude: Andy can be cocky at times, but still has a big heart. He likes to flirt with girls and show off his brain smarts. He is smarter than most so if someone calls him all brawn no brains, he can retort with a smart comment. He opens up to people extremely easily.
Backstory: Andy grew up with his little sister and mom. His dad left when he was 5. He grew up wanting to be everything that his father wasn't. So he pushed himself to become extremely intelligent, strong, and present in everyone's life. He is a hopeless romantic because he wants to prove his worth to someone. He helped raise his sister and they are extremely close because of it.
Likes: Any food, Coffee, Reading, Quidditch, Writing Poetry, Watching movies under warm blankets
Dislikes: People who disrespect him and others, People with no common sense, Apple Juice, Cake
Other: Andy is so open to talking to anyone that he often ends up hurt. He's extremely fragile and just wants someone to be with. He likes to be cocky but is actually extremely insecure.
Face Claim: Ian Nelson

Samuel (Sammy/Sam) Duncan (Hufflepuff)
Age: 15 almost 16
Ethnicity: British
Looks: Shaggy blonde hair; blue eyes; medium skin tone; muscly.
Clothes/Appearance: Sammy is extremely tall (6'4) and medium weight. He usually wears a simple jacket with a graphic tee and jeans. Usually wears tennisshoes and hair naturally.
Attitude: Sammy is an extremely happybyoung man. His life has gone great up until now and he hopes to continue to be that lucky. He really loves his family and friends and loves to have a good laugh. He'll tend to pull pranks and tell a good pun whenever he's bored or upset about something. He's quite innocent and enjoys being around others.
Backstory: Sammy was born into the ideal family. Mom, Dad and big sister. They had a hound dog and grew up in a small house on the edge of a small town. His best friend is his sister. He looks up to her because she has always kept a smile on her face. Nothing really bad had happened throughout his life until his favorite grandpa died. He grieved for year or so, but then bounced right back into his naturally happy state.
Likes: Pizza, Pasta, Pop music, Quidditch, Dancing tango, Talking and Joking with friends and Sketching.
Dislikes: Cocky people, Mushrooms, Sad stories, Mathematics and Olives.
Other: Sammy is a really cheerful guy. He always smiles and has a reason to. He has a good life and recognizes that he is extremely blessed.
Face Claim: Cody Christian

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