Jacqueline Flora

❀ Idk what to put her yet ❀

Hey you, random person reading this. Cluck like a chicken. There's no point, but that's why you should do it. ❀

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Don't listen to people always talking about who they are, a lion doesn't have to tell you it's a lion.
Hi! I'm Jacqueline Flora! Welcome to my weird and random bio! Here are some things you should know about me:

Name: Jacqueline (you can also call me Jackie) Flora

❀ What I Look Like: ❀
Hair: Wavy, Fawn Colored, Mid-length (normally messy XD)
Height: 5 feet
Eyes: Bright Blue (almost teal colored I guess)
My favorite feature: Eyebrows

❀ Random About Me: ❀
Sexuality: Straight
Interests: Rollerblading, gardening, eating, breathing, really random Sh!t
Patronus: Rat
House: Hufflepuff
Relationship: Single Pringle not ready to Mingle
Pets: 3 rats (Winston, Eugene, Gus Gus)

Here's a shoutout to my fam: Aspen Storms, Logan Delacour, Theo-Braith Lupin (Teas), Jasper West, and Mara Smith, Louie Leblanc, Rowan Charles Halvorsen, and Colin Moriarty!! Love you so much fam you make this website literally the best ^-^

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