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Hi I'm Lux, and my house is Gryffindor! I have two sisters one younger and one older. My hobbies include drawing, reading, hanging out with friends, listening to my amazing taste in music, and wasting time on the internet. So, I bet you are wondering how I died. Well, it was in my last year of Hogwarts. I was so close to graduating! I had all A's and a whole plan for my life, but it all went down the drain the night I was murdered. I had just gotten back to the school grounds before anyone had noticed me at a few other friends had snuck out after our classes were over, to go to the Leaky Cauldron. As me and my friends disbursed and ran toward our common rooms, Jinx, my black cat had some how got out of my room and was waiting for my return. I stopped to pick her up as my other Gryffindor friends tell the painted lady the password to get in. I look at the painted lady and she looks back at me with nothing but terror in her eyes. At the time I was confused as to why she was so terrified of me. Until I saw the knife protruding from my chest. for a second I felt nothing at all, but it didn't last long because seconds after that I was filled with intolerable pain. Then... everything went black. The next day I wake up in what I thought was my bed. Oh boy, was I wrong! It was my coffin. I was dead, and that wasn't even the worst part. Not only was I killed, but my poor baby Jinx was killed too! She died with me in my arms as the knife went threw my chest into her. I was furious! No one knows who killed me because the killer was wearing a mask and their cloak hood was up, but they are still trying to find him/her. Nowadays I hang out with the other ghosts that have died at the school. There isn't many of the ghosts my age, but me and my best friend, who died in a... more unique way a few months before me, tend to help some of the present, living students get into mischief to pass the time. We've explored the castle so much if it's in the school we know where it is. If you are curious what happened to Jinx, well, she just follows me around. With Jinx keeping me compony I don't think it's that bad being a ghost. I'm never bored, I get to watch and help my little sister grow powerful and wise, and I have friends.
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