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I'm no different than any of you. Just a man who loves culture, learning, and of course...history!

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Name: Samuel Kaelon Becker
Age: 33 (August 3, 1983)
Birthplace: Bohicon, Benin, Africa
Blood Status: Pureblood
House: Gryffindor

School Attended: Uagadou
Occupation on HiH: History of Magic Professor
Occupation outside HiH: Traveler, Magi-archaeologist

Wand: 12 ½”, Beech, Unicorn Hair, Rigid
Pet: Madagascar Long-Eared Owl - Amahle
Patronus: Granian Winged Horse

General Appearance: Thanks to his time spent outdoors during his travels, Samuel has olive skin accompanied by short dark hair and a neatly trimmed beard. His dark brown eyes depict a playful mischievous nature, but his smile emits nothing but kindness. He prefers to dress comfortably, often seen in khaki pants with a deeply colored shirt during the warm months and sweaters during the winter. However, if given the opportunity, Samuel knows how to clean up well and enjoys the occasional professional event.

History/Relevant Information
Samuel Becker was born in Bohicon, Benin on August 3, 1983 to two Magi-archeologists, who had been asked to live in Africa and help with the excavation of ancient magical cultures. His parents were originally from Austria, but moved to Africa before he was born and raised him in the diverse cultures of the continent as they moved from country to country. As children, Samuel and his sister would often roam the countryside or busy village streets, making friends with a variety of people, primarily Muggles.

After graduating from Uagadou with Ultalaamus and Ustadis in History of Magic, Ancient Studies, and Transfiguration, he went on to work alongside his parents in the Magiarchaologist world, before realizing that he did not enjoy the hands on learning about culture as much as he did immersing himself into them. Due to this, he left the field and decided to travel and explore the world before finding himself in South America, studying the numerous cultures there. It wasn't long before he realized that he would have to get work if he were to continue his travels and so he applied to Castelobruxo, the magical school in Brazil, where he as accepted to teach Ancient Studies and remained there for 4 years. Not long after, Samuel began his studies abroad once more, deciding to remain in South America and move south towards Chile and Argentina. As he was living among the natives, Samuel heard the notorious magical school in England,Hogwarts, was looking for a History of Magic professor. Having spent the majority of his time in foreign countries, perhaps it was time to move onto a different way of life.
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