Rosalind & Robert Lutece


"Why do you ask what?" "When the delicious question is when?"

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On one winter night, a baby girl bundled in layers of blankets and tucked in neatly in a giant basket was left on the footstep of the residence of a childless elderly pureblood couple. The couple were unsure of what to do with the girl and they believe that they probably weren't the best with handling children. But since it was just a baby and the winter was ever so cold, they took her in and took care of her.

On the night after that, yet another basket was left on the footsteps of the elderly pureblood couple's house. Instead of a girl, there was a baby boy bundled in layers of blankets and tucked in a basket this time. As with the baby girl, the two took the baby boy as well and took care of him. The couple saw the coming of the two babies as a blessing as they have always wanted to raise a child for almost thirty years now.

The two babies happened to be quite behaved and almost never cried except for when they were hungry. They were well-behaved for babies but when it came to other people, all they'd do was cry and make a mess of things. They were too much for any other people to handle. But when it comes to the elderly pureblood couple, they were just as they had described them, well-behaved and delightful children.

The baby girl and the baby boy were named Rosalind and Robert respectively, and raising them was no trouble at all. Rosalind and Robert listened and they followed and not once did they disobey or talked back to their adoptive parents. Even the elderly couple thought the two were strange, but they have been quite delightful. They were never sure whether Rosalind and Robert were actual brother and sister, they certainly seemed like it but why would they be left at their doorstep separately? So many questions that the elderly couple have elected to ignore as the years passed by.

Rosalind and Robert were always together. Always. They grew to love reading books and a passion for discovery and learning. Even if the elderly couple raised Rosalind and Robert, they were never sure whether they actually did any raising or if the children just raised themselves in their own little way. More questions they have elected to ignore as the years passed by.

Full Name: Rosalind and Robert Lutece
Age: 17
Birthday: January 05
Gender: Rosalind is female, Robert is male
Blood status: Unknown, presumably Pureblooded
Year: 6th
House: Both are in Slytherin
Wand: Rosalind and Robert's wands are both made of walnut wood and has phoenix feather core. Rosalind's wand is 12" while Robert's is 10".

Best Class: Both excel in Potions and Transfiguration interchangeably
Worst Class: Care Against Magical Creatures
Patronus: None
Special Gift: They are very close with each other and seem to know  each other well they can finish each other sentences and think alike almost as if they were the same person.
Quidditch: Chasers

Mother: Merrill Lutece
Father: Carver Lutece
Sibling(s): No one else other than each other.
Pet: Rosalind and Robert share an eagle owl they call Terrence.
Crush: No one
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