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NAME: Esther Marie Fortescue-Anjou
NICKNAMES: Huntress (Inside joke), Phoenix (Friends), Agapi (Family pet name).
BIRTHDAY: April 3rd
SPECIES: Human (Animagus)
BLOOD TYPE: Pureblood
SEX: Female (Bisexual)

PERSONALITY: Wild, Smug, tricky, funny, sensitive, loyal.
OCCUPATION: The Three Broomsticks Waitress
LIKES: Quidditch, Trouble making, Hot chocolate, Being with her friends (Specifically Makaria. V and Charles. M).
DISLIKES: Her family (father), apples, charms class.

FAMILY: Hans Fortescue (father), Valentina Anjou (mother), Annalise Black ( Older Sibling),

SKIN TONE: Tan and soft with freckles on her arms.
EYE COLOR: Dark, Chocolate.
HAIR: Black, Silky, Straight.

SCHOOL: Hogwarts School for Witchcraft and Wizardry
HOUSE: Hufflepuff
BEST CLASS: Potions.
WORST CLASS: Charms, Divination
QUIDDITCH: Chaser since 1st Year.
PET: Fresco (Frog)
BOGGART: Friends dying, Voldemort, Her father.
Length- 7 inches
Wood- Acacia
Core- Phoenix feather
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