Jonathan Byers

Magical Creature Photographer

"You shouldn't like things because people tell you you're supposed to."

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Jonathan is extremely introverted, kind, independent and brave. He has a fondness towards photography and music. Despite being a small town boy, he had always wanted to go to college at NYU. He has a strong bond with his family and is implied to have a soft spot for animals as he cried for nine days when his father forced him to kill a rabbit. Generally Altruistic, he wasn't the type of typical boy who wanted to do as he pleased, but rather would go out of his way to help his mother keep the house tidy and watch over his younger brother. Unafraid to show his emotions, he will not be phased much by crying over something sad. He seems to have a severe problem with making eye contact with most people and almost seems to hold a posture as if trying to keep his head down. This is due to the years of Physical abuse he received from his father. It is assumed he has never dated anyone and was the butt of many, if not most of the High School's jokes. "Who would wanna date the creep?"

Name: Jonathan Edward Byers
Parents: Joyce and Lonnie Byers (Estranged from his Father)
Age: 17
Blood status: PRESUMED Muggleborn
Wand: Hasn't chosen him yet
Patronus: Unknown if he could produce one.
Pets: Corgi pup named Bradley
Gifts/Abilities: Just an eye for Photography.

Jonathan's early life was no easier nor harder than most. But personal experience is key. He never tells anyone much of his childhood, but then again not many ask besides his little brother Will. His family were pretty poor but made due; with his mother, Joyce, working hard, never missing shifts, calling in sick and working Holidays. She was where he would gain all the good aspects of his personality. The kindness, the way he would go out of his way even to a complete stranger. She tried her very best to be there for him, but working so much she missed a lot of his life. He never held a grudge against her. He loves his mother and is grateful for all her sacrifices. It's his father, Lonnie whom he despises. The man was the definition of a slob, almost always drunk, gambling and most likely cheating on his wife.

Lonnie took his son's apathy and caring for being as he would say "a fairy". And often tried to toughen him up in various degrading ways. Such as forcefully making the boy chug a beer and nearly choke at the mere age of six. The abuse started early, Jonathan can't exactly remember when but he took a half a dozen trips the the Emergency room in his life. However much he feared and hated the abuse, he was grateful it was never fully directed at his mother, or his younger brother when he was finally born. However in one instance this did happen. Jonathan came home from school to find his mother bawling and holding her face as she shielded Will from a drunk Lonnie. He was able to call the Town's Sherrif Jim Hopper and then proceeded to to protect his loved ones. At the time he hadn't realized, but in his desperation he had made a vase shatter against his father's head without touching it. The boy received a fractured arm as a result but luckily, Hopper showed up before things got worse.

From that point on the Sheriff was his hero, he had chased Lonnie away with a beating and an arrest. But his family never spoke of these events again. Now he had to be the man of the house. Music and a love of Photography were his only outlets. The only things besides rare time with both his mother and brother, that he could enjoy. Throughout the years he noticed some strange things, but never quite caught on that Magic was involved. No one knew his mother had been a Witch, a good one at that. But she suffered at the hands of some followers of the Dark Lord. Crucio was the curse that almost broke her completely. She never recovered and suffers migraines and mental breaks because of it, despite having been Obliviated before Jonathan was born. M.A.C.U.S.A had decided it was a mercy on her; to erase the world of Magic from her life completely.

In the past few months of his life however, his views on the world had changed immensely. It all started when his brother Will went missing. (NOT POSTING SPOILERS, eventually will be in a Book)

After all that he received a far overdue letter, it was strange and he swore it was a joke. But he had been invited to attend Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, though he was far older than the usually admitted students. He was an exception because certain parties discovered who his mother was. It was say he had great potential as a Wizard and he was given a ticket to fly to the UK. The decision wasn't easy. But in the end his mother, though confused and with no memory of the Magical world urged him to go. He told her it would only be a test run and he would most likely be back. But he had no idea that this might be the one place where he actually belongs. Where he might actually be able to finally make friends.

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