Lucifer "Lucy" Maur

That one guy dating CvH

"I'll have you know I have the reflexes of a cat, and the speed of a mongoose"

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<h0 style="color:#0077BE">- Lil disclaimer for yall this whole 'hunter' idea came from CASSANDRA so its not actually my own -</h0>

( Stolen from Enoch A. Fawley )
▹My rps are always Open unless I state otherwise :)
▹At least a paragraph (4 lines/sentences.) Aka Long responses
▹Well written + detailed responses as well
▹Take the rp somewhere, create conflict or make something happen!
▹Do not act like you know Lucy unless you've rped with him before/the rp calls for your character being aquatinted with him. (I will be the one to determine right away if our characters know each other, it will say so or hint at it in the starter.)
▹You should be at least my level of writing or above (maybe a little bit below but I can't handle poorly written responses so...)
▹Do not God-Mod your character, make it realistic. No crazy feats of power or strength
▹Honestly I prefer when people rp in third person, but if you decide to write in first person and actually follow the rest of these rules, then I'm fine with it
▹Make sure whatever happens is logical ( in the world of the rp of course )
▹I request that you don't try to make things romantic, Lucy isn't interested.
▹I won't reply unless your response follows all of these

<h0 style="color:#9BC4E2">◌ Full Name:</h0> Lucifer Socorro Maur
<h0 style="color:#9BC4E2">◌ Aliases/Nicknames:</h0> He goes by ‘Lucy’, and on some occasions ‘Lucky’
<h0 style="color:#9BC4E2">◌ Species:</h0> Human
<h0 style="color:#9BC4E2">◌ Age:</h0> 22 going on 23 shortly
<h0 style="color:#9BC4E2">◌ Sex:</h0> male
<h0 style="color:#9BC4E2">◌ Nationality:</h0> Italian heritage
<h0 style="color:#9BC4E2">◌ Occupation:</h0> Specializing Hunter - he is sought out to specifically hunt down other magical beings, glorified assassin I suppose
<h0 style="color:#9BC4E2">◌ Languages:</h0> Obviously Italian, English, and bits of Latin. Italian is used the most often in his vocabulary.
<h0 style="color:#9BC4E2">◌ Accent:</h0> Very thick (noticeable) Italian accent, if you haven't figured that already

<h0 style="color:#9BC4E2">◎ Family:</h0>
Lucifer has a twin sister - Lucretia Devries Maur whose nickname is also ironically, ‘Lucy’. They are not identical, Lucretia failed to inherit her Mother’s blonde locks and instead has her father’s coffee colored hair, along with her facial structure. It is far narrower than Lucifer’s. They have always been as close as 2 twins can be, traveling through the entirety of school and life together can bring siblings rather close.
~~~~~~Lucretia~ ~~~~~

Their mother - Ornella Ravellino - was the Classical Italian beauty, she was quite the charmer. It was no surprise how someone equally as charming - SaMuele Maur - chose to marry her, the duo birthing two (and only two children). Samuele worked as a hunter, which was mainly how Lucifer was introduced to the magical world, and how the inspiration for his current occupation flared up. It also came up that Lucretia was a witch, but we’ll get into that later.

<h0 style="color:#9BC4E2">◎ Relationships (Romantic): </h0>
Lucy encountered the ever so charming Cassandra Van Helsing one fateful night in the woods, a night which eventually transferred to them getting to know each other via a bar, connecting over how similar their jobs were and the scars that aligned both of their bodies. It soon escalated into a fight to the death, Romance at its finest. Despite the shared love of killing shit, Lucy finds that she is a devastating weakness for him, this coarse impression and hardened emotions and mind simply melt at the mere sight of her. They'll figure it out though, I'm sure of it.

SIDE NOTE: It has come to my attention that more than just Enoch likes to stalk Casifer so here are all the ship's rps more or less in order of occurrence.

[First meeting as teens] <h0 style="color:#9BC4E2"></h0>
['First' meeting as adults] <h0 style="color:#9BC4E2"></h0>
[First date I think (?)] <h0 style="color:#9BC4E2"></h0>
[ANGST] <h0 style="color:#9BC4E2"></h0>
[MORE ANGST] <h0 style="color:#9BC4E2"></h0>
[Meeting someone like them] <h0 style="color:#9BC4E2"></h0>

<h0 style="color:#9BC4E2">◎ Physical Appearance: </h0>

As stated before, Lucifer received the majority of his mother's looks. His straight, dirty-blond mop reaches his shoulders, which - with the length and all - allows him  to tie it back into either 1) a ponytail or 2) a man-bun. (Both of these his sister so lovingly seemed ‘Douche-Styles’) Lucy’s big, almond shaped eyes are like two patches of drying blood, some kind of dark red - almost auburn. He is on the shorter side of the spectrum (His sister is as well so it’s no use making fun of each other for it) standing at roughly 5’6” while the average male is no doubt, 5’9”. His build is exceedingly muscular, taking into account how often he has to train for his job. His strength is something of a miracle, almost inhuman. His skin is that of the usual Italian olive skin tone, Lucy also happens to burn rather easily instead of tan. The tip of his nose and his thin lips are always a shade of red, resembling the effects of when it’s too cold out and certain features begin to flush pink. There is a slight adams apple in his neck, visible at all times but few notice it due to the lack of severity. None of his features are ‘sharp’ per say, his jawline is curved. Not as defined as most men, but still defined. Instead, he has a broad chin and a slightly crooked nose, it would be straight and ‘perfect’ if it hadn’t been for the repeating breakage of his nose during combat or who knows what else. Every now and then he will grow out a beard, as blonde as his hair, too. Scars litter his compact body, claw marks noteable on his back as well as what seems to be bite marks of some kind of animal, a bullet-shaped indent could be seen on his left shoulder too. His chest is jagged and slightly uneven due to the multiple rib fractures, and big, lanky scars run down all four limbs (Almost identical on both arms and legs). Face wise, a very thin, pink scar circles his neck, and there is another right below his temple that is slightly indented. There is no doubt more, but you’ll have to ask him about it if you seek information about them.

<h0 style="color:#9BC4E2">◎ Hobbies/Habits/Quirks: </h0>
Well he is a very hardened person, emotionally and mentally. Flowers are distasteful in his opinion, so if you want to piss him off offer him up some flowers, any kind will do. Lucy has a (very) odd obsession with bees, too. They’re just so cute and tiny... he just has to stop and admire them whenever he can. When anxious he will fidget with his hair - if it’s not tied up - brushing through it with his hands, twirling it, etc. Lucy is also prone to Coffee, it tastes so fucking bad to him. Turns out despite being a squib he can still become an animagus, so he also finds it amusing to screw with people in his animalistic form, which is a Champagne-colored  horse. You should see the look on some people’s faces when they believe themselves to have spotted a unicorn!

<h0 style="color:#9BC4E2">◎ Special abilities/skills:</h0>
Lucy is trained in the art of killing, so I guess he’s skilled at combat. His brute force is almost unmatched, very capable with fist to fist combat. Firing a bow or shooting a gun on the other hand is his weakness, the lack of vision causing him to miss his target every time. Contacts are a no go and he’s obviously not going to be wearing glasses anytime soon, so he must suffer the consequences. His specialties are blades, one in each hand. Long swords he can work with as well, but they simply aren’t as quick as he’d like them to be.

<h0 style="color:#9BC4E2">◎ Attitude </h0>
If you haven’t guessed already, Lucy is quite the little pisser. His mischief has obviously (and will continue to) get him in shit tons of trouble, he believes it to be worthwhile. He’s quiet, more of a thinker than a speaker. Despite the lack of interest, he is known to be an extrovert, confidence and courage are key traits to his being. His quietness is often perceived to be hesitance, which kind of pisses him off, actually. He is unfriendly in the harshest ways, but likes being around others so, go figure. If you couldn’t have guessed he is insanely aggressive and competitive, tying into his job of course. He has tasked himself to never ever *ever* get attached to anything or anyone, enemies could use them against him for leverage and that would not be fun for him or for whoever they captured. He is insanely ambitious, craving the most outlandish things but with his confidence and sheer power, some are actually attainable at this point. Moral-wise he has no side on the whole ‘good or bad’ thing, he’ll work for anyone no matter how shady or suspiciously cheerful they may be. Lucy’s manners are quite possibly non existent, same goes for his sympathetic/empathetic sides. Maybe thats why hes so good at killing stuff.

<h0 style="color:#9BC4E2">◎ Flaws:</h0> Extremely insensitive, his range of emotions differs from that of a normal human being. He has subconsciously built up a wall around himself, a wall which no one can emotionally or mentally break down, including himself, which explains the lack of standing relationships he has.

Well we finally got to the good part...HISTORY woooo lets do this -

<h0 style="color:#9BC4E2">◎ Background:</h0> Life was extraordinary for Lucy as he grew up, his parents were a big part of that.They lived in a rather secluded area up by the town Barrea - a town located on what appeared to be a hilly outlook. It was tier-ed and small, the roads barely wide enough for cars to pass through. As they did not necessarily live in Barrea, (The nearby forest was where they housed) Barrea was still considered Lucy’s home. Exploration and curiosity was developed young, the forest providing an excellent source of distraction. Lucifer and Lucretia would always go out and while she would try and preserve life, plants, animals, etc…He would always end up destroying it. Purposefully stepping on baby plants was a hobby, along with setting up traps along the forest. He learned how to hunt abnormally young, his odd passion of this eventually leading him to where he is now.
Lucy’s father saw this, convinced as to how good the young boy would be as a ‘Hunter’. Not just of rodents and small birds, but of magical beings that feasted on the flesh of humans - beings that needed to be stopped sooner rather than later. Samuele started the training young, any magical ability he had at the time being snuffed. He mastered blades/swords early on, vision still crappy so his father gave up on trying to teach him the ways of a bow/gunslinger. I haven’t mentioned this yet but Lucy’s mom was a witch, so when Lucretia got her hogwarts letter it was no real surprise. Lucy obviously felt a little left out, he knew he was magical too - so why didn’t he get one? His parents wrote angrily to and from Hogwarts itself and the ministry, finally coming to a conclusion saying that it was ‘Less that Lucifer was trying to force himself to be magic (he had turned squib, if possible) but 1) the trauma from being torn away from his twin would be unbearable (They exaggerated this just a tad) and that 2) He could help out around the grounds, watching the forbidden forest for the school’.
It was a success and the duo were sent to school, Lucretia actually going to classes and learning spells while her brother defended the grounds, training with one of Hogwart’s own. They grew together, Lucy always meeting up with his sister as class ended. Their relationship never dwindled.
As all things do, it had to come to an end. Lucretia graduated receiving perfect scores on practically everything (What a nerd) and by now Lucy was eager to go off on his own. They split, unfortunately, Lucretia scoring a job with the ministry - of course - while Lucy looked for job offers himself.

( Slightly lame backstory there but hey most of the action is gonna be in the rps anyway so cut me some slack here )
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