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Hi! My name is Charlotte Ella Fenlock and I was born and raised in London, hence my accent. A few years ago, my family decided to move to Australia. Although I like the weather here, I plan on moving back to London soon.

I'm a half-blood. My dad, Theodore Fenlock is a pure-blood Wizard and my mother, Isabel Delacroix is a Muggle. My parents kept the Wizarding world a secret from me so I grew up in the Muggle world. My older sister, Sophia attended Hogwarts however I had always thought she was sent to a boarding school because of her bad behaviour.

When I was seven, I accidentally shattered all the windows in the dining room during a family dinner with my mother's snobby Muggle family. It's not my fault I can't control my temper. Anyway, my mother was very angry, she had always been against magic, which is why she was so adamant on keeping the Wizarding world a secret. My father on the other hand, was beaming with pride. I was thus, thrown into a world I did not know existed, much to my mother's disapproval.

I am now attending Hogwarts School Of Witchcraft and Wizardry where I was placed in Slytherin, much to my surprise. I was a Hat Stall, the Sorting Hat contemplated placing me into Hufflepuff. Whilst I do exhibit qualities of a Slytherin, I am terrified of snakes which is ironic because that disgusting creature is the Slytherin emblem.

My favourite classes include: Defence against the Dark Arts, Charms and History of Magic.

Wand: Alder wood, Dragon heartstring core, 12 and a half inches in length and slightly springy flexibility.

My patronus: Wildcat

Boggart: Snakes :S

I have a pet cat, a White British Shorthair called Luna.

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