Emily Lams

Fam Member, 2nd Year Student

I consider myself nice. But if you mess with me or my friends you will be sorry. #Safe

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I am part of the Fam family. My uncle is the Minister. I have 2 sisters. We were all adopted. Before that, I came from a family of pureblood who were obsesesed with Potions and Dark Magic. Due to them being death eaters, I ran away from home. When found, my family lied about me and rejected me. I was in a adoption home until recently. I now have a awesome life( with fred).
Name: Emily Lams
Age: Thirteen
Birthday: July 16
House: Gryffindor
Wand: 9 3/4 Unicorn Hair, Cherry Wood, Non-Bend/Flexible(stiff)
Protronus: Dove
Boggart: Locked in something, unable to move

Name: Emily
Age: 13
House: Gryffindor
Protronus: Red Squirrel (from Pottermore), or Dove (what I go by)
Boggart: Being controlled

I will respect everyone and everything, but if you mess with me or the people I love you, I will defend them hard. #Safe
• Harry Potter
• Hamilton
• The Hunger Games
• Percy Jackson/Heroes of Olympus
• Divergent
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