Ailish Lily Riddle

Future "Wife" of Tom Riddle

Dia Duit. My name is Ailish Lily Dumbledore. I am the daughter of Albus Dumbledore and I am a Slytherin. I am currently a student

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name: Ailish Lily Riddle (Nee Dumbledore)
born: 28/08/1927
attended: Hogwarts
relationship: Married Tom Riddle 12/12/1947

Ailish was born on the 28th of August in 1927. she was born in Ireland where her mother had grown up. Ailish knew she was special from a very young age. she was very open minded and found herself intrigued with witchcraft. she found peace in potion making and reading tarot cards, using divination. Ailish was a bright and clever girl, spent most her years with a smile on her face, never a frown. she had been a favourite amongst students. Except for one group. she never would have guessed that their leader would perhaps one day become her husband or that she would fall in love with him, but she had. and she knew it was going to be a mistake, yet she didn't regret it. she did however regret not trying to stop him from becoming what he had become. Ailish felt like a pawn in his game. a tool he could use towards his much desired immortality. A year to date from their wedding, Ailish had ran away. She was over his constant need for immortality, and decided to leave. until she found out she was with child and she knew there was no way she could go back. she had no doubts he would have killed their child for his horcrux.

My name's Ailish Dumbledore. Atleast it was before I met Tom Riddle. He was charming and mysterious. But he used me. I am from the 1940's era, as a student. I am the daughter of Albus Dumbledore and I am a proud Slytherin.

So what exactly can I say about myself? Well.. I was born on the 28th of August 1927. I am very open minded and focused. As a child I was very acceptable to things. Like Legilimency, I enjoyed watching my father with transfiguration. My mother taught me things, she taught me how to use my patronus. My wand is a Spruce wood with Dragon heartstring core that is 12 ¾" in length and has unyielding flexibility. My favourite subjects included: potions, astronomy, DADA, divination
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