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My Mother was not very happy I was enrolled in Hogwarts. She'd much rather have me enrolled in Beuxbatons, but my father was happy. My Mother is a Healer, who resigned to become the Deputy Headmistress of Beuxbatons. My Father was a Hufflepuff, who is always cheerful. he always faces problems with glee. He is an Auror, working with the famous boy who lived Harry Potter. Father's always talking about him. My Aunt is Hannah Abbott who is married to Neville Longbottom, A Herbology Professor at Hogwarts. My Father expects me to excel in Charms and Potions, but I am not that good at Potions. My Mother expects me to excel in Herbology and enroll in Alchemy when I am in 2nd Year.I personally love Alchemy and can not wait until I am in Alchemy in 2nd Year. When I grow up I would like to either be a Healer, An Auror, Or A Worker in The Misuse of Magic Department.(If there is one) But my greatest ambition is to become a Alchemy Professor, for I love the Subject with all my heart.
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