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Hi! Name's Septima Oswald! Hope to be friends! (P.S you will see my beauty :) )

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Ever since I got my acceptance letter, I learnt about each and every piece of every single room in Hogwarts. I studied about spells and found every single wizarding book I could find. Plus, I even pretended to practice spells on a fake wand so I was prepared (but I did not pravtice Avada Kedavra, since I discovered it was deadly). I even used my house broom to pretend to play Quidditch. I live with my mom, my godfather, and my three cousins. They have been to Hogwarts. The oldest a was a Gryffindor, second-oldest was a Ravenclaw, the youngest which is on his 7th year, a Slytherin. I had been wanting to be sorted in Ravenclaw, which I favoured the most. We are Half-Bloods, which is quite intersting. Today, I am here at Hogwarts as my youngest cousin is on his 7th year. I have been dreaming about being a prefect. I am enjoying the knocker's questions and relaxed at sound of the wind at night.

Who I am:
Name:Septima Elena Oswald
Wand:Redwood and Phoenix Feather core, 10 in a half inches
Pet:Black cat
Cat name:Luna
Ilvermorny House:Thunderbird
Taken:No, Sadly
Crushing:Yeah, but not telling who. ONLY ONE HINT! It's a Slytherin.
Hobbies:Play guitar, sing!
(Face Claim:Kristen Hancher cause that's why I'm beautiful. :) )

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