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I'm a nitwit, you're a blubber, we're all oddments, so who are you calling a tweak? Thank you.

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My name is Isaac, or as I prefer people to call me Isobel/ Issy. I was raised in a family of wizards. It was always just my parents, me and my older brother Matt who has been always making fun of me (if you're reading this eat dirt douchebag). I mean, we're friends now, but back then he's words were pretty hurtfull and for a long time i was very self-concious about going to Hogwarts. I was never the most magical child. I never seemed to be magical at all. So the day i recieved my Hogwarts letter was one of the best days of my life. And everything was going great. Untill...
-SLYTHERIN! - shouted the Sorting Hat.
I couldn't breathe.
Ravenclaw mother, Gryffindor father, Gryffindor brother smiling at me from their table.

Here you go, Isaac, here you have your cold attitiude and all. Go and try to make it work.

Height: 5'10
Eyes: Blue. Like, really blue, honestly the bluest blue you've ever seen
Hair: Long, black, sometimes curly, depends on the weather
Body type: Bikini Queen in summer, biscuit in the winter
Patronus: a hare
Animal: Fuzzy, fat, ginger cat with one black ear and a nasty attitude
Family: brother Matthew
Friends: James Skalsgard
Hangs out with: Slytherin mafia. And most of other people. Always feel free to chatt her up.
Best description: a cinnamon roll that will try and kill you if you mess with her friends
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