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Hey! I'm Elyria. I used to be in a band with my muggle friends called 'The Static and The Poison'. I love music and more! I hope we become friends x

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Being an offspring of a forbidden relationship is hard.

My full name is Dareia Elyria Alexandria T. Herondale. I know, my mom really likes long names. Anyways, my mom is a witch living on a peaceful wizard/witch community in England, as my dad was a Herondale, a Shadowhunter who swears to protect others from the demons and evil beings lurking in our world.
My parents met in England as well, when my dad was sent there to exterminate a demon pestering a neighborhood. That turns to be where my mom lives. Since then, they never lost contact with each other, and soon fell in love with each other.
It was forbidden for both parties to marry someone not their kind. This caused a conflict between my parents at first as they slowly become more drawn to each other. Surely, their parents (my grandparents) won’t let each other marry. But that didn’t stopped my parents.
My dad left Idris and left with my mom to live peacefully in the States, after being with each other for three years, they decided to get married. Live as ordinary mundanes and start a family.

The runes in my dad’s body faded, black swirls of ink turning of silky silver scars that glimmer on light. My mum kept her identity as a witch hidden in her system. Both my parents hid the supernatural world from me when I was born.

Since then, after every two years of my childhood, me and my mom visited a peculiar man named Magnus Bane—turns out he was a warlock himself and would renew the block imprinted on my mind. This said ‘block’ blocks the supernatural world from me (since every kid born with a shadowhunter parent/s is gifted with The Sight that allows them to see things mundanes can’t see.). Everything was peaceful not until I reached the age of 10.
The block in my mind stopped working suddenly, allowing me to see the creatures a normal mundane can’t see, we returned to Magnus Bane’s lair earlier than expected. And told me and my mother that because of a certain mutation in her veins caused the block in my mind to stop.
And in a blink of an eye, I was pulled to my parents’ worlds.

Sebastian Morgenstern (who died later) and his army has been trying to hunt me down, make me as one of his army. And because of this, my family and I went to Idris for my own protection.
While I was in the care of my relatives in Idris, my mom and dad flew to England to seek help for the crisis that will collide both of their worlds and destroy our worlds. Meanwhile I was daily trained by my uncle, Jace, as a skilled Shadowhunter. (And he is also the one who gave my first Voyance rune.)

My parents flew back to Idris a year later, when I was eleven years of age, and when I also got my letter to Hogwarts ( since my mom just hid it from me ). But since my problem is still not yet resolved and it was still too dangerous for me. My mom and dad decided to not let me go to Hogwarts that day.

grew up in Idris until I was fifteen, as a skilled Shadowhunter with a little bit of knowledge about magic. A war then emerges, a war between nephilim and a new batch of the Endarkened led by one of Sebastian’s loyal servants. The war killed a lot of nephilim, in the verge of extinction.
And that is when my dad died. But yet, he died saving our country.

He died killing Sebastian and his army.

After the war, my mom (alongside other relatives of ours) flew to England, back to my mom’s former community (which had a very strong protection against demons now) and was unexpectedly greeted with hugs.
My mom then passed away due to an unknown disease.

Years later to the present, I lived my life like how a normal teenager would do, going to my favorite band’s concerts, owning muggle gadgets and equipment, forming my own band… my world is now back to the way it was. Except that every blink, you can see faeries playing in the gardens, werewolves lurking in the shadows, vampires showing their needle like teeth in the night. A world full of supernatural beings.
And as time flies, my living relatives decided that it was my time to know things about my mother’s world. So they sent me to Hogwarts.

I’ve seen a lot of peculiar creatures, battled them to the safety of others. I’d sacrifice my life for my friends and family if needed. I have seen wars, and fallen warriors as I grow up. I’ve seen hardships and misunderstandings, I’ve seen angels falling out from the sky, reaching out for their people. I’ve seen magic, I’ve seen a twin tower of glass, and I’ve seen enough weapons and spent my time training, aspiring to be my father. I’ve seen demons and other beings roaming, I’ve seen a lot of things and that makes me who I am.

I carry both of my heritages with pride, like a king with his throne and crown. Being one of the different kids can be a challenge. But that won’t stop me from fulfilling my mother and father’s dreams for me.

Maybe being an offspring of a forbidden relationship is something, after all.
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