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I'm amazing, awesome, weird, and crazy. I honestly don't care what you say about me. ~ Yours truly J.E.R.G.M.A.D.C(my name) P.S: Be thankful forever

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Name: Jennifer Caster
Full Name: Jennifer Elizabeth Rose Grace Marie Amelia Dominique Caster
Nicknames::Jen,Jenny, Liza,Beth,Eliza,El,Rose,Rosie,Grace,Gracie,Marie,May,Mia, Ria,Ree Ree, Mali,Meli,Milli,Lia,Dommy,Dom,Caster.
Age: 15
Wand: English Oak wood with a dragon heartstring core, 12 ¾" and unbending flexibility
Illvermorny house: Wampus
Hogwarts house: Gryffindor
Siblings: 4
Parents status: Mum and Dad both alive, healthy, active.
Patronus: Wolf
Animagus(figured out 1/25/17): WOLF
I want to be your friend!
So yeah!
I'm crazy but amazing!
3 things to know about the infamous J.C
1. That is my real name excluding Caster(made up the last name)
2. I actually have 4 siblings
Names: Katherine Elizabeth (my favourite)
My Twin: Thelma Emma Lyn
My two older sisters (both twins): Sophia Rae and Isabella Paige
That's my family.
3. I like lurking*lurking*
Owl me! I want to be your friend!
I like doing the z thing. Changing s's to z's
I wantz to be yourz friend.
I iz also a crazy perzon.
I want to be your friend.
I'm also a crazy person
Jennifer Caster
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