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Name- Nicole Silviana
Age- depends on roleplay
Sexuality- Bisexual
Status: Single af
Parents- Doesn't know mother, father is the Greek god Pan (dead now)
Other family: Adopted daughter- Cassie, 13 Raising a son with Peter- Spencer, 9
Personality- Find out for yourself!
Looks- Tan skin, long, black hair, surprisingly strong for my small frame, soft black/brown eyes, 5’5”
Wears- Casual- shorts, band/fandom tees, converse and a hoodie
Wand- 14 1/2 inch, willow, centaur hair
Hobbies- reading, drawing, listening to music, swimming, exploring, roleplaying

Roleplay Rules
-Medium/long responses (as in, at least 4 sentences and not just dialogue)
-Good grammar, punctuation, and spelling
-Detailed and interesting! (Please, take it somewhere!)
-Don't be OP please, it just annoys the hell outta me
-No God-Modding without my permission (that also gets annoying)
-If you don't follow the criteria above, I'll just delete your reply, nothing against you of course!

(If I have not responded to a roleplay, I may have forgotten so you can just post a reminder on my wall!)

☽ Cassie ☾
Full Name: Cassie Grace Silviana
Age: 13 (might vary in RP’s but if I don’t mention an age, I’m 13)
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Straight
Relationship Status: Single (kinda young for dating so yep)
Parents: Left me in an alley at a very young age (7)
Other Family: Nicole Silviana (adopted me, not really considered my mom, more like an older sister), Allison S (she's like my aunt or cousin or whatever)
Looks: Long, reddish blonde hair, rosy skin, bright smile, slim, long legs, 5’4” and pale, bluish eyes.
Wears: Leather jacket, black skinny jeans, band tees, combat boots and a black beanie.
Wand: Hawthorn, dragon heartstring, 13 inches long, bendy
House: Slytherin

running, exploring, fighting, music, playing guitar, mapping city back alleys
I still like to go out into city back alleys and I guess I’d be considered a criminal since I steal, vandalize, etc.. I’ve got quite a few bases, small but usable and secretive. The secrecy is a good thing since I do a lot of trading and such at black markets. I am caught many times and Nic is never happy about it...

☽Roleplay Rules☾
Same as Nic’s!
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