Franca Lovegood

Student (aspiring auror)

Hello! My name is Franca and I love Harry Potter and cats! The cats are too cute! Miaw

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Name: Franca Lovegood
House: Ravenclaw
Pet: A black kitten with green eyes named Night, she's a female
Fav. Food: Pizza!!!!!!!
Fav. Dring: Fanta and Bilz
Parents: An unknown muggle and Luna Lovegood
Fav. Book: Las chicas de Alambre (it's a spanish book from Jordi Sierra i Fabra, translated as the girls of wire) and Harry Potter, obviously
Fav, Film: El Orfanato (it's a spanish film from Juan Antonio Ballona, translated as The Orphanage) and Harry Potter, obviously
Fav. Song: Justice - Randy (I love that song!!!!!!! I leave a link
Wand: Aspen wood with a Dragon heartstring core 13" and Unbending flexibility (from Pottermore)
Country: I live in Chile

My name is Franca Lovegood, and I'm a half-blood girl, daughter of Luna and an unknown muggle (that´s why I have my mom's last name)I am a Ravenclaw student. I came to Hogwarts and my mom is very proud of my talents. I am a very intelligent girl, but shy, although if you know me well you will know that I am an extroverted and very crazy girl. I'm also quite strong, although I do not use my strength much. I live with my older sister and my mom. When I was a baby, my mom told me the story of Harry Potter, the boy who survived, and all his adventures. Although in her younger years my mother was a very crazy girl, now she is much more mature, although she still has her crazy side and she talks about snorkacks with wrinkled horns and things like that. I wish to be an auror when I grow up.
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