River Moonsong Scamander


Monsters exist, ghosts do too They live inside of us, And sometimes.... They win

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Name: River Moonsong Scamander

Date of Birth: 10/31/96

Blood Relation: Pure Blood

Hogwarts House: Slytherin

Ilvermorny House: Thunderbird

Wand: Apple wood, Unicorn hair core, 14 1/2 inches and slightly springy flexibility

Boggart: Basilisk

Broom: Firebolt. Green and Silver in color

Pet: Runespoor

River Moonsong was cursed the day she was born. She was born a were-basilisk(This happened because her mother's toad had sat on her belly for comfort. It was an accident. Her father knew what she was as soon as he saw her eyes. Her father is a magizoologist and his name is Newt Scamander. (She did inherit his trunk)). Instead of the moon triggering the transformation, as with werewolves, it was the language of parseltongue. Along with being able to speak parseltongue herself, she had the attributes of a snake. Transparent fangs with enough venom to kill 34 horses, slits for pupils, and (if she chose) the ability to see heat as snakes do and more. There is only one difference between a normal basilisk and her, if by some miracle someone was able to kill a normal basilisk, they would be able to look at River in her basilisk form without instant paralysis (she couldn’t kill them by the death glare, she was only half so it didn’t work, unless she was fully transformed).
River traveled the world with her parents and for some time she went to Ilvermorny and was in the house Thunderbird. When she went back to her home in England she attended Hogwarts and was put into the house, of Slytherin. There she made really good friends with Luna Lovegood and believed in some of the same things she did. River is very quiet due to her condition but enjoys sitting with the gryffindors and sometimes the hufflepuffs.River has an uncanny ability with magical beings and speaks to them into their native tongue.
River’s wand is an apple wood wand with a unicorn hair core. It is 14 ½ inches long and has slightly springy flexibility. When a dementor came to attack her and her family (she loved her family, they just had different views) she produced a corporeal patronus (she learned this spell from harry, as she went to hogwarts with him) and it took the very rare form of a thestral. Unlike most students, River has a Runespoor that has the job similar to an owl. It can even fly with special spots on it’s belly. She is also good friends with the animagus Celestina and the Magizoologist Pax who helps her with her curse. Harry didn’t know about her and parseltongue, then he spoke it and she turned (very painfully) into a basilisk. This flooded her heart with darkness. Celestina helped her get control of the transformation and has stayed with her ever since then. They now teach the class animagic and both her and C have been really close ever since. A very festive person on holidays. That is, until they disappeared…..
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