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"We Make Up Horrors To Help Us Cope With The Real Ones" - Stephen King-----------------------------------------------Go Check Out My Bae, Clover Moon

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Born into a Half Slytherin, Half Gryffindor Family, Raven Has Always Been Quiet, Mysterious and Anti-Social. She has a pure heart but the brain of a dark-wizard. A Fierce Temper and Some Self-Control helps her to power through life. She as Had A dark past with her father being a death eater, and having not many friends because of this. She Has a way with animals and is a fan of the dark. Having lived in a very dark, shadowy house Raven is a natural goth, having a love of black cats and ravens.

She is not afraid....
*Don't always where black
*Don't worship satan
*Are NOT evil
*Don't want to kill everybody
*Do not hate everybody
*Are not always depressed
*Can be happy too
*Are usually nice people
*Are normal, just like you

R is for realist, the way I am.
A is for altruism, the unselfish me.
V is for versatile, my changeable nature.
E is for enrich, a quality I share.
N is for natural, the genuine side of me.

I'm a writer too by the way!!
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