Jayla Kimani Clarke

Student metamorphmagus

  • Joined January 2017
  • Member of Slytherin
  • 306 House Points
  • 1st Year
  • Russian Federation


Name: Jayla Kimani Clarke
Gender: : Female
Nationality: : Russian
Age: : 14
Birthday: : April 29
Year: : 3rd
House: : Slytherin
Blood-status: : Pureblood
Appearance: :
Jayla is 5”3 and loves her height. She mostly does natural makeup but once in a while dark makeup too. She has an hourglass figure that she is proud of. Her big dark brown eyes fit perfectly with her curls making her look more gorgeous. Her long neck makes her look even more graceful. She has light brown hair with tight bouncy curls. Her nose isn’t flat or pointy, it fit her face perfectly. She has a little gap right between her two big teeth. Her medium sized lips are pinkish-brownish. She enjoys wearing jackets, hoodies, tank tops and jeans. She has a lot of high tops, Jordans, and boots. She shops on muggle sites and has her father send the things to Hogwarts for her.

Personality: : Jayla is quite cunning and ambitious. The Sorting Hat had difficulty choosing between Gryffindor and Slytherin for her but soon came to a decision. She is a rebel and loves to break rules. She can be sweet and kind but prefers to hide that fact. She is also quite witty. She is very resourceful and once she puts her mind to something, there is no changing her mind. She is shrewd and once in a while a little crazy. (But who doesn’t like crazy?) She is actually proud of her background but the reason isn’t all because of her blood. Being sarcastic, one of her favorite phrases is, “If you don’t want a sarcastic question, then don’t ask a stupid question”

History: : She lives with her parents and older brother. Growing up in a rich pureblood family has its benefits and Jayla was going to use them. Her family taught her to appreciate muggles and half-bloods but she still wasn’t allowed to date them. She broke up with her last boyfriend when he called her friend a mudblood. She has always been curious about muggle life and has made a lot of muggle friends. Her father, Viktor Clarke, was once a famous Quidditch player but settled down to life in the Ministry of Magic. Terra Clarke, her mother, taught DADA at Hogwarts but decided to travel around the world, go to exotic places and write books. She learnt a lot as a child. She got to travel with her mom and because they are rich, she always got the best. Devan was an amazing brother but sometimes go too protective. They got into a lot of trouble together and had fun doing mischief. It was a normal routine for every Clarke to get their letter to Hogwarts, so it was no surprise when Jayla got hers. She had also gotten other letters to other schools but hearing about Merlin, Dumbledore, Harry, and the others, she really wanted to go to Hogwarts. Her aunt wanted her to go to Beaux Batons, so that she can be a proper lady.
Wand: : redwood wood with a Phoenix feather core 12 ½" and Brittle flexibility
Pet: : Owl called Rena

Family: :
Mother: : Terra Clarke (39)
Father: : Viktor Clarke (42)
Brother: : Devan Clarke (18)
Patronus: : Snow Owl

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