Celeste Fenton


Just a nerdy, somewhat antisocial shapeshifter here. Feel free to talk to me, I don't bite!

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My name is Celeste Aria Fenton, and I was born to be different. Sounds clique, I know, but it's true. I'm what's known as a shapeshifter, which, simply put, is a cross between an Animagus and a Metamorphmagus. However, shapeshifters have no limitations on what they can transform into. I've chosen to stick with animal transformations, though I have been known to shift into a tree or bush when I'm feeling especially antisocial or emotional. My absolute favorite form, however, is one I created myself. She is a winged unicorn, also known as an alicorn. Pure white in color, with a long, wavy mane and tail, silver horn, enormous wings, and gentle jade-green eyes, she is simply stunning. She is meant to be the equine version of me, matching my blonde waves and pale skin. Despite my powers, I am nowhere near a perfect being. I have a strange immune system that leaves me immune to many of the most serious diseases, such as dragon pox, but much more prone to colds and other mundane maladies. I'm also stuck with my alicorn form's white wings. I doubt you've ever had to be around Muggles who kept asking if you were heading to a costume party. Even with my limitations, I was still able to attend Ilvermorny in America for four of my eight years of education(I was a Thunderbird, in case you were wondering). My other four years were spent at Hogwarts in Britain, where I was sorted into Ravenclaw. I passed my O.W.L.s and N.E.W.T.s with flying colors, choosing to spend an extra year at Hogwarts to maximize my education. I went on to become a Healer, and I work at St. Mungo's. I split my time between the second and fourth floors, where my immunity to severe diseases has come in handy in many a situation.
*Additional Information*
Patronus: Great Grey Owl
Wand: Vine wood and phoenix feather, eleven and three-quarters inches, hard flexibility
Blood: Pureblood(not a nasty pureblood, though)
Nationality: American(proud Yinzer!)
MBTI Personality Type: INFJ
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