Jerome McKinney

Slytherin's Restless Spirit

"We, as humans, have the power to control others. If only we could control ourselves."

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I don't really like talking about how I died, but I'll tell you if you really want to know:

It was Hallowe'en eve, 1672, when I was in my 6th year at Hogwarts School Of Witchcraft and Wizardry. At half past eleven in the dead of night, when the other 4 boys in my dormitory were asleep, I received a note. Well, I say 'received'. What I mean is, I was struggling to sleep and a piece of paper with an untidy scrawl on the front appeared out of midair in front of me in a puff of black and red smoke. Curiosity got the better of me. Careful not to wake the other boys, I reached out and grabbed the note. What I could make out was written in blood;
Come to the Darkest Dungeon if you want to see them live.
Underneath that was four blood drawings of the four different boys in my domotory. I looked up and glanced at each bed individually.
Each one was empty.
Grasping for the Invisibility Cloak that was passed down to me by my father, I stuffed the note in the first pocket I could find and rushed out of the Slytherin common room and into the Darkest Dungeon. The name didn't lie. It was dark. I muttered 'Lumos' and lit up my wand, but I still wish I hadn't.
The sight that greeted me was terrible.
2 of the Slytherin's in my dormitory were already dead and stacked in a bloody corner of the room. The other two were being tortured by the Cruciatus curse. However, something stopped torturing them and turned to face me.
I'll never forget it. Twisted, masked, insane. I don't know if I was going crazy at some point, but I'm pretty sure it was wearing... some kind of suit. A yellow rabbit costume, I think.
At the sight of me, the thing sent two Killing curses behind him, destroying my other fellow Slytherins. It launched at me, not with a wand, but with a KNIFE. Sharpened, bloodstained, deadly, the thing ran at me. The last thing I remember of my mortal life was the thing dragging me of the ground and forcing me to look into it's eyes.
Those astonishingly silver eyes.

I reawoke, I'm not sure how long after, but the HeadMaster, Professor Wakeling, was shaking me awake and demanding to know what happened. The dungeon was empty. I vaguely remember glancing to my left and seeing words written with the student's blood, one student for each word;
You can't save them
I don't really know what I am. Some dragon heartstring forced its way into my body when I died,so I can perform Magic without a wand. Also, I can alter between transparent and... human. I can still eat, as well. And I found something else out. For some reason, I can't leave Hogwart's or Hogsmeade's boundaries. The Darkest Dungeon got concealed, with the horrors that took place in there. I now use the place as my own personal dormitory, seeing as I'm the only one who can enter or exit without granting somebody permission. I find out new things about myself pretty much every day.
So there you have it. You asked, and I told.
"We are just puppets, our strings being pulled by unknown focres."
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