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I'm a writer, and an Auror. I'm an asexual pagan, and I love cats, books and pie. To read my story Heart of Netis search for @magicbook on Wattpad.

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I was sorted into Slytherin when I arrived at Hogwarts. I'm a muggle-born, and even though it didn't take long for the Hat to decide where to put me, the first few months as a muggle-born Slytherin were difficult, since Slytherin has the reputation of preferring purebloods, and very much disliking muggle-borns- but I was sorted into Slytherin because, even though I'm not sly or cunning in the slightest, I'm determined, ambitious, and resourceful. I entered the wizarding world about 13 years after the Dark Lord was vanquished, and so everything was back to normal- but people still talked about him, and what he did, and we learnt a fair amount about his regime in history classes. My favourite class by far was Defence Against the Dark Arts, and flying was my second favourite- I played as the Seeker for Slytherin in my time at the school. My greatest strength is that I'm hard-working when I need to be, I'm honest, and I'll always be willing to help a friend out. My greatest weaknesses are that I can get very moody when people disrespect the things I value, and can sometimes be quite hot-headed and come across as quite aggressive. I graduated from Hogwarts with brilliant scores in most of my NEWTS, and became an Auror. I think it's amazing how magic can be so beautiful and terrifying at the same time, and I want to use it to help others as much as I can. One of my greatest ambitions, as a muggle-born, is to change the attitudes of wizards and witches towards the muggle world, and muggle borns. I have three ginger tabby cats- Small Bob, Percy, and Hello.
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