Lana Lexington R Luther

Popular/business assistant

Im a very sweetheart or sour gal

  • Joined February 2017
  • Member of Slytherin
  • 5 House Points
  • 1st Year
  • United States


Wand: Vine wood
Unicorn hair core
9 ¾" in length
Quite Bendy flexibility

Backstory: Receiving the letter from Hogwarts was very exciting and at the same time,knowing that your next in line with your Slytherin family, wanted you to be at the top.all of my family as been in Slytherin so many years now.i could definitely tell my parents were very happy receiving the letter from Hogwarts and all I could think about was all the friends I would have.

Personality: frequently behaved cruelly or sweetheart, a role model, and frequently boasted about family's influence and wealth or Tom boy.

Full name: Lana Lexington rose Luther

Part-time job: business assistant for wealthy​ family's or the book store

Part-time school job: yule ball committee, teacher assistant snape

Type of boy's: Slytherin only

Pet: Eagle Owl.

Love: styling my hair or Slytherin boys noticing me

School club: kitchen club, clothes shop, first year study group

Interest jobs: fashion CEO business, business assistant, Slytherin business, hogwarts assistant

Interest Hobby's: athletic, magic spells, hangout with friends, shopping, riding broomstick, pravite clubs

Parents: Mrs. And Mr.Luther

Parents job: business CEO

Parents part-time job: donate committee Slytherin

My dorm room or group: sweetheart gals or miss universe Slytherin

Flowers: red rose

My favorite colors: black, red, gray

My favorite class: charms

Hate: writing to much eassy or people wasting my time.

Jobs I hate: maid

Foods: chocolate bar, vanilla cake

Favorite quote: look like a lady, think like a leader, shoot like a boss

Favorite Places: woods, tree house, pravite waterfall, boyfriend parents house

Places to visit: China, Indian​
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