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⊰Personal Information⊱
Full name: Amira Ivy Diable
Gender: Female- (She, her pronouns)
Sexuality: Bisexual
Birthplace: Collioure, France
Occupation: Freelancer
Relations: Elena Teevan (Mother~Deceased); Lucus Teevan (Father~Deceased); Jaquiline Teevan (Brother~Alive)

Amira is short, slender and has a mesomorph build, with incredibly long, black hair and pitch black eyes. She has an hourglass figure with a well-proportioned upper and lower body and a narrow waist. Amira is 5"1, meaning she has to look up at people a lot. Her hair is naturally curly, long enough to finish just above her waist, although, when she can be bothered, Amira will attempt to tame it into a high ponytail with the tips just brushing her lower back.

Amira Ivy Teevan was born in the small fishing village of Collioure, France, on 3rd November 1790, during the French Revolution. She lived a few kilometers north of the spanish border in Château Royal de Collioure with her father. However, in 1793, the spanish besieged and occupied Collioure and killed her father in the Roussillon War. Amira was forced to move into Mrs Bisset’s school for orphans, where she lived under brutal conditions and years of abuse. The girl was glad when her 11th birthday came around and she received a personal visit from Madame Maxime, herself.
In 1801, Amira attended Beauxbatons, the magic school in France, but transferred near the end of her first year. She then moved to Scotland and attended Hogwarts school of witchcraft and wizardry and was selected to join Slytherin House. There, she made plenty of friends in all houses and, yes, enemies too.
At the start of her 7th year, in 1818, Amira chose to go down to the dodgier part of Knockturn alley, to find a book she hoped would help her out that year, when she was attacked by an original vampire, Dimitri. It was, what people called, an epic battle, filled with her pleas, his growls and a lot of blood. When he had finished with her, he left her in an alley to bleed to death, unknowing that in fact, she was changing. She chose to leave Hogwarts that year and went on to become an Auror. At that point in time, the ministry required her to drink Veritaserum and to answer some questions to determine whether she was worthy of such a job; this was before training even began.
As soon as the Minister got the question of species, he ordered her to be killed, confiscating her wand. Amira escaped, barely, killing several ministry workers and injuring tons more and landing her face on a wanted poster. She drank a Polyjuice potion, disguising herself as an Auror, in order to steal her wand back; succeeding admirably (something she'll probably brag of till the day she dies). She was treated like a monster by all so she became the monster everyone feared, killing for the fun of it. She was admitted into St. Mungo's, in the long-term residence ward, but after killing off one of the patients was sent to a Psychiatric hospital.
Amira escaped using the help of a friend who was also a resident there but left him in Rome to return to London, later on learning that he was killed by the Italian Ministry.

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