Isabella Lovegood

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Isabella Lovegood
Date of birth : January 13, 1991
Eye color : blue
Hair color : (books) dirty blonde (movie) whitish blonde
Height : 5'7"
Talents : can control water fire air and rocks /dirt , animagus.
Hobbies : gardening, inventing, reading/writing, screwing around with things she probably shouldn't
Known family members:
Pandora Lovegood. (Deceased) - mother - was actually Athena in mortal form
Xenophilius Lovegood - father
Luna Lovegood - identical twin sister
Pandora Lovegood || - foster daughter
Akela Lovegood - foster pup
Faye moretti -first cousin
Charles moretti - second cousin
Anthony moretti -second cousin
Marcus moretti -second cousin
Nick moretti - second cousin
Sunny storms moretti - second cousin
Eris moretti -third cousin
Grayson black-moretti - third cousin
Luis lestrange - first cousin
(Unknown man,later confirmed to be Ares ) - first cousin / uncle
Pan - grandfather on father's side

Other facts : when ticked off, will kick the butt of the person who angered her. Later perfected the spell her mother "died" inventing
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