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Hey! Nice for you to stalk my wall today. So, here you'll see my main info, name and age and all that jazz, and then you'll see RP rules, just the basic stuff, and then probably some stupid joke. Fair warning, it sucks but it makes me laugh so yeah. Friend list is gonna be at the end, if you want to be on it, we need to have spoken more then twice and you can just ask. Anyway, Enjoy!

Personal Info:
Full name: Rosa Garcia
Nicknames: Rose, Rosey, Firecracker, Flower, Petal. The list goes on...
Nightnames for other people: Princess, Love, Sweety, Hun, any kind of swear word, full names. The list continues, if she calls you one of these, shes either your friend or your enemy. Try to figure it out.
House: Slytherin
Gender: Female.
Pronouns: She, her.
Year: 5th (Can change depending on RP)
Patronus: Tiger
Animagus: Black dog
Eye colour: Light blue
Hair colour: Dark brown/ black in the summer
Skin colour: Coffee coloured
Signerture Colour: Blood red, take that as you will
Birthday: 19th May (Age changes depending on RP)
School uniform: White shirt, black knee height skater skirt, black boot heels, Slytherin tie and robes.
Normal outfit: Simple summer dress (knee height, and usually skater), brown ankle boots, brown leather jacket.
A night out outfit: Black or red dress, tight and ending halfway up her thigh. Black or red heels along with a black or red clutch.
Relationship: Single and ready to mingle
Birthplace: Madrid, Spain.
Nationality: Hispanic.
Family: Maira Garcia (Mother, pure-blood) Diego Garcia (Father, Muggle) Sebastián Garcia (Older brother, Half-blood), Nora Garcia (Little sister, Half-blood)
Blood: Half-blood
Personality: Sarcastic, smart, kind.
Likes: Cake, Pranks, Her mates.
Dislikes: Classes, Cats, Her mates.
Boggart: Sister and brothers dying.
Pet: Grey owl called "Apollo"
Strengths: Gunmanship, hand to hand combat, lying.
Weaknesses: Hurting people she loves, easily distracted, will very quickly lose interest.
Anything else: She's a seductress if you don't know what that is, google it.

I'm a young latina raised by Maria and Diego Garcia. I have a younger sister named Nora and an older brother named Sebastián, Seb for short, who were my best friends growing up. Seb still is, being two years above me and in Slytherin as well, Nora, however, changed when she found out I was in Slytherin.
My mother prides herself on being a Gryffindor, so when she found out she had a Slytherin daughter and son, she clearly wasn't happy. A long time ago my mother told Nora that being a Slytherin meant you were evil, due to bad experiences with us.
However, I've got new friends in the Slytherin house, and many from other houses. Currently in my third year at Hogwarts. And yes, I speak fluent English so there is no need to talk down to me. My parents spoke to me in both languages when I was younger, causing me to learn both.
So, yeah, that's me.
Please owl me whenever, and I will try to respond in a reasonable time span.

Roleplay Rules:
1: Be nice, I don't have time for people who are rude.
2: Rp's are always open unless it says otherwise.
3: No god-modding. My character is mine, yours is yours. Let's leave it that way.
4: Good Grammer, punctuation and do not use ** to show actions, it's boring.
5: Don't get bitchy if I don't reply instantly, this isn't the only thing in my life and I'm sure it isn't yours. Things get in the way.
6: After an RP, I'm okay to do another one or just to chat, that's the whole point of this website.
7: I'm dyslexic. I don't brag, it isn't some kind of good thing. So if I miss read something, or spell something wrong. I will correct it, just don't be a dick about it. I know it's spelt wrong, but I don't know how to spell it, clearly.

If I stop replying, but you can see I'm still talking to other people, it's because you didn't follow some of my rules. Don't take it offensively, it's easier than me snapping at you.

Friend list:
-Amira (Unfortunately)
-Liam P
-Little Miss Reindeer
-More to be added...

Fandoms/ My favourite things:
This list will be longer, but I'm short on time as I'm writing this so oh well.
In no particular order...
-Harry Potter (Obvs)
-Shadow hunters
-Stranger things
-Jekyll and Hyde
-Dodie Clark
-Dan and Phil
-Jon Cozart (I think that's spelt right)
-Avengers (Team Iron man)
-Day of the mother fucking dead
-Other languages and cultures
-The Big Bang Theory
-How I met your mother
The list continues...

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