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I'm a half-blood. I dont remember my mom. She left when I was little. It was hard on my dad. He's always been a little rough and when she left he got into some bad situations that landed himself in Azkaban. My aunt became me and my brothers guardian. When I was sorted into hufflepuff she wasn't very happy with me and anytime we're in the same room she criticizes me. Its not just her my extend family was upset. I'm from a long line of slytherins and ravenclaws so being a hufflepuff is an abomination or something like that. I have a twin brother his name is Ray. He's a ravenclaw so my extended family likes him alright. He's one of my best friends. I like to learn about the art of healing. So I know lots of healing techniques. I'm super social. I have long brown hair that reaches my waist. I usually have a side braid. Ray likes to braid it for me. I also have blue eyes. Ray calls the color midnight storm cloud. I also love to take care of my pet hippogriff Stonebranch. One thing I tend not to mention is the fact that I have the power to control plants. I dont know where the power came from I've just always had it. I think it has something to do with my mom but I'm not sure. I'm also good friends with the Moretti family. I saved one of they're members lives and we became close. My favorite outfit is a light pink shirt with black leggings and brown boots. I also always have my shoulder bag and my trademark grey beanie that never leaves my head. I'm short and skinny and have way to many freckles. So ya thats me.
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