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I recently visited Hogwarts because I needed to learn as much as I could about Spell, Rune, and Potion creation. As an off-world half-blood, I have had a hard time fitting into either world, which is why I chose to join an organization that gave me the option to travel to many different worlds and help others.

When I visited Hogwarts initially, I was given the opportunity to try the sorting hat. It was an interesting phenomena. As a touch telepath, I could tell as soon as the hat landed on my head that it was actually an extension of the school itself. The hat was a bit intrigued by my mental "oddities" but immediately told me I would have made a wonderful Ravenclaw if I wasn't already almost 150 years old.

I gained my schooling on a different world, so have had little contact with wizards or witches other than my wife. She is such a wonderful person that we have been supportive partners for the past 49 years.

I seem to be far stronger than most earthlings and need far less water to survive but that comes from my nature. By training, I am immune to any sort of mind control and have a feeling that any human who tried might be in for quite a surprise.

I cannot easily understand human emotional behavior. Even when I met my current partner, it was simply a most logical choice to marry.

I find magic fascinating because there are so many ways to do the most ordinary things. Sometimes it is easier to use magic and sometimes harder, especially if an improperly crafted spell is being used.

I am trying to find a way to create spells and charms that can protect others from physical harm and am interested in the possibility of using other world plants and ingredients in potions that help others.

I had a pet Sehlat named I-Chaya once but he died many years ago as all of us eventually do. I also have recently become acquaintances with a most intelligent, unbonded dragon on the planet of Pern.

It is my main goal to find spells and runes to help protect my acquaintance from the periodic infestations of what they call Thread.
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