Bridget Granger-Braith


She/Her. Heart Stolen By: someone. I love anything creative. I also love making new friends XD

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I'm a distant relation of the Potter-Granger-Weasley family, and my parents are half blood. My sister is a 5th Year. I was meant to be a Ravenclaw with my creative brains, but I ended up as a Slytherin after all, I'm related to Albus Potter... Side Note: My letter got lost in the mail a few times... XD
Sexuality: Bisexual
Gender: Female
Age: 17-20
Country of Origin: Australia
Ilvermorny House: Pukwudgie
Patronus: Tabby Cat (Well I think it is anyway, I can't remember which cat Pottermore said...)
Side Note: I've been told I'm really huggable (Thanks Mist!! <3)
Siblings: Aurora, Helen, Tessie and many others! <3
Siblings-In-Law: Perseus XD
Adopted Father: Genderal Emil of Braith
(Bridget's) Relationship Status: Single like a Pringle
Irl Relationship status: taken
Other Relatives: Jessica-Louise Malfoy, Elizabeth Weasley, Delta-Rose Weasley, basically everyone listed on Jessica's backstory tbh. Also Zach Granger
Nicknames: Bridge, Bri, Star, Granger
Clubs: Slug Club- Vice Pres.
Hogwarts Art Club

RP Characters:
Briana Taylor.- 17, Lesbian , single , demigirl, Slytherin
Bridget Granger-Braith. -17, pan, taken, demigirl, Slytherin
Clara Weasley- 16, lesbian, figures out she is bi, single, female, Slytherin
Timothy Malfoy - 13, gay, single, transgender ftm, Ravenclaw
Chad Weasley- 18, straight, single, male, Slytherin
Lana Braithwaite- 16, straight, single, female, Slytherin
Celine Delacour- 18, bisexual, female
Elizabeth Granger- 18, lesbian, female, Gryffindor
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