Amethyst Sage Burke


Are you a Dementor? Cause you take my breath away.

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Amethyst Sage Burke was born in Great Britain in a family of Dark wizards.

Her mother is Callista Burke, a powerful witch who worshipped and practiced the Dark Arts. Her father, Edward Burke, though, was a complete different story, he was brought up in a lovely home and was sorted into Hufflepuff for his strong values of loyalty, hard work and generosity. After meeting Callista, a Slytherin, and falling in love with her he was starting to be influenced by her charm and the promises of greater power and recognition if only he accepted the Dark Arts. So he did, indulging into villainous acts in his quest for power and fame. It did not end well as they both died in the Second Wizarding War besides their Dark Lord leaving Amethyst parentless and alone.

With no one to take care of her she moved to France with her grandmother Septima Burke, a kind-hearted, delicate and posh woman. She trained Amethyst in womanly arts such as sewing, cooking, planting and entertaining guests. But soon enough Amethyst proved that this was not enough for her, she wanted more and was not satisfy with just being a lady. She wanted to, some day, become a powerful witch.

Reminded of the path her son had taken, Septima excluded Amethyst from the world forbidding her to immerse into magic, and especially dark magic. This made of Amethyst the introvert she is today, enjoying more the times she’s by herself, also making an avid reader and a curious investigator. With a thrist for knowledge and secrets, Amethyst has always loved the dark and mysterious, of course, she would never let her Grandmother hear of this. She always tried to keep it a secret up until the moment she was accepted into Hogwarts.

It was the thing she wanted most in the world, to leave her Grandmother’s house and embark into an adventure of her own. She did not hesitate to learn everything she could about Hogwarts and the amazing experience she knew awaited her. She most particularly read on the House of Slytherin, the former House of her mother. It seemed at first like a House for the bad guys, like her mother and the people she followed, but with some investigation she discovered that she had many similar traits to those of the House; she was resourceful, cunning and ambitious, she was a natural born leader and had a high regard for power and knowledge.

Coming to Hogwarts and hearing for the first time what the Sorting Hat had to tell her only cemented more her feelings for Slytherin, that she was meant to be in that House, not because of her family or because she wanted a position of power, but because she knew she could redeem the reputation of Slytherin and demonstrate the world that it was not a house of bad guys.

When she was sorted into Slytherin difficulties arose, mostly with her Grandmother, a conservative woman who was afraid that she might become either her mother or her father, who decided then to cut ties with her granddaughter, only sending her a letter when school problems were involved. This left Amethyst desolated, as the only family she had left had turn a cold shoulder to her because of who she is. Looking on the bright side of things, she prepared to start the new, fascinating world that is Hogwarts with her old cat Maurice by her side and the knowledge that she could finally be herself.

Amethyst can be found in the Slytherin common room, or the Library usually reading a book or doing her homework. She loves to take walks around the castle and watch the sun set. Her favorite asignatures are Astronomy, Defence Against the Dark Arts and Transfiguration. She enjoys deep, critical and analytical conversations, music and art.
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