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Name: Emmy Rose Adams

Her whole existence seems mysterious to others and herself, no one really knows who her parents were. Like a classic orphan tale, she was left on the front doorstep of a small orphanage. All was in the basket was a small note explaining basic things about her, except that her father was a wizard. They really should have put that in. Emmy didn't have nothing, though. She was left with a small blue teddy-bear. Cute, really.

She was taken in when the woman who ran the household of orphans woke up to the sounds of rain and a baby crying. After looking in all the rooms where the children were sleeping, the woman found Emmy outside. Emmy, soon learning that the woman's name was Opal at the age of 4, quickly took her in.

The other children quickly became fond of her, too. Emmy was raised in a muggle household, with muggle schooling. Growing up, she was aware that Opal wasn't her mother, and that she didn't know where her parents actually were. But that was fine with her. She didn't get jealous of other kids during 'Bring Your Parent To School Day' or jealous when they were doing mothers day or fathers day art projects. She saw Opal as her mother figure, so she just made mother's day paintings and father's day mugs for her.

Emmy was, and still is, a fairly pretty child. Her fair skin, freckles and dark hair attracted other children. She always had someone to play with or read with at home. It was easy for her to make friends, she'd let other kids play with her and dress her up. And she was a fairly smart child. She wasn't a genius or anything, but she always knew what was going on in class and helped her peers with questions they found hard or confusing.

Emmy is 11 now. Jesse, a 15 year old Emmy grew up with in the orphanage, had gotten the mail. He usually does this everyday, it's one of his chores. He shuffles through the mail before handing Emmy an odd looking letter. It was addressed to her, so she opens it.

Now we're here. Emmy is attending Hogwarts, everything seemingly fairly new. She's nervous, she doesn't know half the stuff a regular wizard or witch should know. But she'll figure it out.

House: Slytherclaw (But was sorted into Ravenclaw)
Patronus: Brown Bear
Wand: Sycamore wood with a Phoenix feather core 11" and Quite Bendy flexibility

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