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The Sorting Hat Sorted me into Ravenclaw because I'm cunning and clever. I was a Hatstall because I could have been in Hufflepuff. My favorite class is Charms and Astrology. I dislike Dark Arts class and Potions class even though I am great at potions. I am half-blood and being so I can break up the fights between the muggle-born and the pure-blood. I was not in the UK when Voldemort rose because I was in Ireland. My greatest strength is my cleverness. My greatest weakness is my short-temper. I think I will be a teacher in Hogwarts. The greatest part of magic is doing it to help others. I use magic to help. I want all people in the world to enjoy magic other than the people who don't deserve it. I have one owl and one dog. I am terribly allergic to cats though. My owl's name is Snowy and my Golden Retriever's name is Gold. Gold is goofy and Snowy is obedient. My mum and dad are divorced because my dad found out that my mum was a witch, so now I just live with my mum. I am an animagus and can turn into a golden retriever dog.
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