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When I was 11 I got my Hogwarts letter. I din't know if I would because I come from a family of 2 Muggleborn parents which technically makes me a half-blood with only a half chance of carrying the wizard gene. My older brother didn't get his and we found out this was because he was a squib. I got on the train a few months later and met a few new friends before I entered the grounds of Hogwarts. I got sorted into Ravenclaw then after. There was a brief hatstall of 5 minutes where the sorting hat couldn't decide whether I should've been in all of the Houses. I am enthusiastic about my future at Hogwarts and don't know where my future will take me with all my different classes and experiences but I hope they will all be enjoyable. My blood status hasn't affected my time in the Wizarding World at all, unlike if I had lived just a few years back. My greatest strength right now would have to be my approach to learning all the new subjects, spells, etc. My greatest weakness so far is that I am scared to meet to many new people but I know that this will eventually change and I will be more open to meeting new people. After I finish school I think I will become a Ministry employee that requires me to travel the world and learn about the different ways of magic there are. The most fascinating aspect of magic to me is the fact that it exists, that I can use my wand to make something happen that without a wand others can't. I would like to use magic to change the world for the better. I would like to stop the bad happening in the world, to be hones this is one of the many things I want in the world. The only pet I ave is a cat named Tubbins, she is normally pretty calm but she is smarter than most cats and will sometimes protect me. The only really interesting thing about my family is us being wizards. The people on the street look at us funny sometimes, that's probably because they're muggles though. Anyway that's a little insight on my life. Thank you for reading I guess.
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