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Alistair Jude Francis Teasdale XIV(14th) was born in France, on December 17, 1658, the first, and only born child of Lady and Lord Teasdale. His mother and father were betrothed aristocrats, and with their great wealth Alistair was spoiled rotten. All that had laid eyes upon him always fell in love with his toothy grin. The boy was brought up mostly in the kings palace, for his father was a good friend of the king, Louis XIV(14th). He would spend his days causing racket in the palace, setting off fireworks and putting spiders in Knights' boots with the kings son, Le Grand Dauphin. At the age of 17, Alistair stopped growing. He didn't age, he didn't weaken. He just stayed the same. 3 decades later as Alistair was around the age of 47, the people of France had had enough. He was deemed a jinx(something that brings bad luck). The boy had rocks thrown at him everywhere he went, death threats, glares, dirty looks, stares, and a few even spat on him. The people had gone as far as to call him Jinx, which became his new title. As Jinx fell further and deeper into his depression, and the cloud that loomed above his head darkened, he decided to leave. He had traveled to Europe, ending up in a small village. Upon the moment Jinx stepped into a meager pub, his eyes had laid upon a man. As he stared to the man, he felt an immediate connection with him. When the man had noticed his staring and made eye contact with Jinx, he too had developed a faraway look in his eye. Jinx went to the man, a strong sense of servitude filling his senses. As the two talked, Jinx had discovered that he was the mans familiar(explained after backstory). The strange man, Sebastian Vorheise, was a vampire. Since that day Jinx had followed Sebastian to the ends of the Earth, never once leaving his side. The two now attend Hogwarts, where Jinx met an old friend of Sebastian's, Adonis Azmaveth. Adonis and Jinx have developed a strong affection towards each other, yet they are still trying to understand how to convey their emotions to one another.

(Familiars- [this is just how I personally imagined it] Sometimes, a soul is too strong to fit just one person. So, the soul is split in half. Yet, when the soul is split it is like a wishbone, one person gets a bigger piece than the other. For example, Jinx has a smaller half of the soul he shares with Sebastian, so he serves Sebastian. With the job of serving their master, comes protecting their master. This is why familiars are given another form, like an animagus, yet it is a natural occurrence, not forced. For Jinx, his other form is a fox.)

Name: Jinx
Age: 17
Eyes: Giant brown puppy dog eyes
Hair: thick black mop
Boyfriend: Adonis Azmaveth
Siblings: None
Parents: Dead
Height: 5'5
Personality: Extremely childish and immature. Jinx is a real spitfire, yet he has an underlying sadness from his childhood that he masks with smiles and laughter.

(BTW--- Me and Adonis are together irl. If you're 'with' someone on this site, please don't meet up with them or anything..)



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